• She makes my heart hurt ” if you leave me I’ll kill myself” no please your so sweet I would be such a shame for you to do that after all you can find a man better than me.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Defakkk.. Where the fak tht gangbang camefrom?

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Wtf what happen in 12:00

  • Still Vanilla but.. 1 year ago

    Dat random Gang Bang lol

    • Keep it a two-way 1 year ago

      Gang bangs are better in hentai b/c IRL they’re godawful!

  • Sorry doods 1 year ago

    licia0wen_: G I’m sorry I had to send this to you but now that you have opened it you can’t stopped reading this. Hi my name is Teresa Fidalgo I died 27 years. If you don’t send this to 20 people I will sleep by your side forever. If you don’t believe me search me up. Teresa Fidalgo. So send this to 20 people. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later. NO SEND BACKS!!!!!#copied sorry to send this. Btw this is not fake search her up on google (not risking ) August 13, 2017

  • Juliana Colombiana 1 year ago

    Y’all fussing about her being gang fucked? You little ungrateful…man what is you saying?

    • You do realize it’s just symbolistic right? Who am I kidding you probably don’t understand. In that case let me explain it to you she’s not actually getting gangbanged they are all the same God they are all him the symbolistic meaning is that that’s what her own music does to her. This is the feeling that she gets. So it’s not real it’s just in her head.

      • Anonymous 4 weeks ago

        Are they really all that guy that fucks her all the time?

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