• Hatsune Miku 6 months ago

    This is what concrets are missing. Live gang fucks on stage!

  • PaiNaruto 6 months ago

    Its raw.
    Dream or not??

  • Nigga 6 months ago

    That’s a Lil sad T_T

  • Pedo King of loli 6 months ago

    I want her to give me one mean ass head before ending me…I mean want her to continue sucking the shit out of me when I’m busting a load in her mouth, I want to see nut leaking from her nose and then and only then I can die a happy man..

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Is she gonna jack me off first?

  • ItsNoT.ThatDude 6 months ago

    You know the world is collapsing when an idol can suddenly take off her clothes and let fans come up the stage for a gangbang.
    And when it does, it’ll burn in flames when the entire F@$k!NG crowd goes nut for that exact reason.
    Who’ll be leading the new Fallout 69 world? Japan.

  • ItsNoT.ThatDude 6 months ago

    You may say it’s a dream, but it can be a potential future ‘cuz she’s… well…
    Let’s just say it may be the result of nymphomania (sex addiction for girls) ;P

  • Ye!low 6 months ago

    The gangbang part was just a dream…she didn’t actually let her fans get up on stage and fuck her.

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