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December 31, 2016

Hentai: Mashou No Nie Three

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  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    The jews did this

    • On steroids 2 days ago

      I thought it was the communist.
      They did cause more than twice the number of deaths than nazi germany.

  • ..Satan waits for me 1 week ago

    After cumming and I came to my senses I realized how fucked up I am and this fucking hentai is….I FAPPED to a girl shitting herself ….I passed a new low in my life there is no turning back….

  • Keaghan 1 week ago

    I fingered my uncle to this video

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    This is good till she shits herself

  • this is why im going to hell

  • Feminazis always lose 2 weeks ago

    It happened again in Europe on New Years but it’s nothing new. These damn asylees and immigrants from African and Arab countries are fucking sexually assaulting Europeam women and just destroying Europe generally.

    Like get them all the fuck out of here! How many bodies must be attacked and killed until things change? Our culture and civility is collapsing! Let those damn 3rd world peasants solve their own damn issues. Fuck ‘em!!

    Fucking politicians are a bunch of short-term, selfish and corrupt assholes who don’t give a damn about the whole truth and freedom from oppression! They have ideas that are sooo good that they’ll force you to comply to them.

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      >implying it’s not completely America’s fault that they’re in such bad shape and in need of immigration

      • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

        Holy shit, savage.

      • Because its not, they dont even need immigration, they are immigrating for the soul purpose of doing what they are doing idiot

      • It's not... 2 weeks ago

        Even countries in the Middle-East played a part in all the chaos, and that part of the world has almost always had problems. So they sure ain’t making things better.

        Well, they can help but aren’t as “nice” at easily giving out “free” stuff at the tax payer, and their childrens future, expense. If countries want to help these people, do it in their 3rd world region w/ safe zones. If that doesn’t work, I guess there may never be peace in the middle-east or wherever they came from.

        Hopefully then we can mind our own business and fix our own problems first.

    • Vet 'em thoroughly 2 weeks ago

      They should immigrate elsewhere. You don’t invite your enemies into your country. That’s like the Germans in 1940 seeking asylum in Britian. Not gonna happen.

      When big Govt promises you protection but then goes around the world poking at hornet’s nests. Aaahhh look we’re being attacked!! Now lets give ‘em weapons. (facepalm) The whole thing is just a big mess.

      • Anonymous 1 week ago

        The thing is that they generally can’t immigrate elsewhere, as they are not allowed anywhere. Your logic is that they can’t come here, so they can go somewhere else. Everybody is thinking the same thing just about everywhere. The US government is not known with its good strategies for war and other even less reasonable goals. We’ve caused all of our problems basically. We’re the ones that caused the sure of extremism by removing the power system. Long story short, “Democracy” caused most of the problems we currently face.

    • really? 1 week ago

      I don’t think that’s the kinda deep people on a porn site are looking for