April 15, 2015

Hentai: Mankitsu Happening

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  • Lauren Phillips 1 year ago

    The only time Rei gets her pussy fucked. Every other time she wants it in the ass. Sexy babe tho!

  • hahaha 1 year ago

    I want to be a lucky pervert

  • PBSlaughter 1 year ago


  • Kakarot 1 year ago

    Thanks for tha warng bruh… my mom is literally at my back….almost got caught watching nasty things

  • Your mom 1 year ago


    Nope im not at your back mate

  • Lol your moms at your back 1 year ago

    Any hentai sites??

  • Epic 1 year ago

    Yo guys it’s Epic, long time no see ! Haven’t been here for months, wow. Who am I you ask ? Well just a random reviewer that goes by the username Epic and posts really long comments on Hentaigasm, giving my opinions on the episode I watched. On my most recent comment (Oni Chichi Refresh) and in older ones, I see some people praising me for the comments I write because of how long and detailed they are. I say thank you to these guys, it makes me happy to read that. For the others who hate on my comments, or those who don’t understand why I’m even doing this, well… I just like saying what I thought about things, giving my thoughts, I find it fun to do. Reviewing the episode really. I think people should do this more because it’s better than to comment small useless things. Instead people should write constructive comments imo, because I consider hentai as another anime genre, and it should be treated as such. Guess it’s also to keep a personal “trace” of my presence here. Enough talk about myself, on to the episode !
    So, Mankitsu Happening starts off with a mystery, we first learn that the main character keeps getting fired from his job for some reason, and we want to know why. When he gets a job at his friend’s Manga Café, he is unhappy with the fact that he teams up with a girl because of his “condition”. So it has something to do with girls, and since this is hentai it will definitely lead to him having sex with the girls, but how ? The fact that a character he already knows shows up is interesting, plus we learn that Kururu was actually in love with hin for a long time so it seems more normal that she starts going sexual with the MC. Rei is also the interesting, silent type, hard to know what she’s thinking. When the MC explains his condition to her, I didn’t quite get it. He defines himself as a “lucky pervert” and says that he starts doing sexual things with girls when he’s in an embarassing/perverted situation. The flashbacks explained that quite well. But how does it work really ? Do the girls simply find him attractive or are in love and he’s lucky enough they’re in the mood and don’t mind having sex ? Or is it really just an excuse for the plot ? Well my doubts were cleared in the scene with the blowjob in the restroom: I mean how can a guy end up in 69 position after literally flying away because he zipped his penis ? Hé basically has Harem plot power, lol. One thing that bothered me was the fact that the MC didn’t show his eyes, it was kind of weird. Well we did see his eyes when he was surprised, but it was the basic “in shock eyes”. The scenes with Kururu were really good, nicely made and all, some good vanilla. Nice ahegao at the end of the second scene ! First scene with Rei was random, and last scene was just weird… I mean it had breast milk, squirting and other body fluids involved. Not my stuff. Good episode though, with the ending I wonder if he really will keep the job. Maybe he’ll work elsewhere, and every episode is a different job with different girls, don’t know yet. I want to know more on his condition, if there is something behind it or not. The girl in the magazine in his room at the beginning AND ending of ep makes me wonder who she could be, looked like one of the girls in the flashbacks. Then again could just be a random magazine for decoration and I’m overthinking it haha.
    Well I think I’m done here, if you really read everything then congrats because that is impressive. Can’t wait to see the rest, thanks guys :)

    - Epic

    • • ReputationsMC • 1 year ago

      You need help mate.

    • Great Bearded Lady 9 months ago

      You must suck my 39 inch in order to energize yourself after using 1million paragraphs like that Shut the fuck up and slurp my cum like a loli pop

  • Regularman 1 year ago

    Our generation is fucked. Everyone is watching porn at fucking 6? The hell? When i firststRted watching porn in general i was 14 almost 15. That’s just fucking disgusting. This is why you don’t let six year olds use a tablet or computer or device. Cuz they find the nasty shit they ain’t supposed to be seeing yet

    • soulcore 1 year ago

      i was 3

    • Moderation 1 year ago

      I blame the parents. Just block those sites and content if you allow them to use your computer or decide to buy them one. Install some anti-porn filter. It’s easy!

      And don’t expose them to the hypersexuality you find in modern music, movies, clothing, dating, etc. That shit can wait after you have “the talk” usually in their mid-teens. It should be a conversation between parent and child.

      Teach them to value a healthy, safe and responsible way to see sexaulity. Help your kid transition from the PG to PG-13 world.

      Also the purpose of sex is to make babies. Our genes prioritize that evolutionary need to reproduce by making it feel really good.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Shut the fuck up. They will end up finding it.

    • TheLegend27 1 year ago

      I am still a sperm cell

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