October 9, 2014

Hentai: Love Colon

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  • america fapper 1 month ago

    loli titfuck that was too hard

  • sasuke 1 month ago

    shine upon this world mugen tsukeyomi and tell everyone that lolis are great and we need more of it . PS: make my english great again

  • kickstart 4 months ago

    lolicon hentai ? please hentaigasm

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    if ur watching hentai why not just get a cheap hooker

    • annie 2 months ago

      many reasons:
      some people have girlfriends/boyfriends
      some people think they’re gross
      some people dont have much money(i know you said cheap. but some people cant even afford the cheap ones. and if its every time you feel like touching yourself. that adds up really fast)
      most hookers wouldnt want you touching yourself while you watch them dance
      if your talking about paying people for sex thats illegal, and you could get an STD.
      with porn you can just search and not go through all the trouble of finding someone
      some people would be embarrassed(i would be)
      some people are under aged

      the list goes on but i think you get it.

  • Whalelord 5 months ago

    mostly hentai’s characters were focused for pedophiles watch oni chi chi the best pedophilians hentais ever

  • Disgusting 5 months ago

    Unless 13 year olds made it, this is for pedophiles. I’m 17 and their faces look too young.

  • #mademydickgreatagain 6 months ago

    lick my loli

  • wathever 7 months ago


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