July 28, 2014

Hentai: Love Colon

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  • Düsseldorf 2 years ago

    du bist ein bastard bittest mich um ratschlag ,wenn ich dich vom Rad schlag machst du ein radschlag

  • brainlees 2 years ago

    du bist ein bastard und gibt es auch leute die deutsch können hier ? ihr hurensöhne

  • 你爹 2 years ago

    I don not what make you foolish

  • deez nuts 3 years ago

    yall niggas are gay

    • Niggas are fucked . Heil hitler . Germany best . Deutschland No 1

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    i got rules to
    1 when i guy ask you to come dont come cuase your gonna get rape!
    2 when your husband says suck he’s dick dont cuase your gonna be a idiot
    3 final dont get rape yi bastard

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      learn how to speak in english

    • Joseph Stalin 3 years ago

      4. Use your grammar corectly

      • I use envelopes too based on product category. I then move what I am using at a store to a small coupon organizer with my list and leave the extras in my car. If I come across an univedrtased deal all I have to do is run outside real quick.

    • Joseph Stalin 3 years ago

      Idiot bastatd

  • Bethanye the Destroyer 3 years ago

    I like porn but I’ll never have sex masterbation is the next best thing
    1 reason is I don’t want to become pregnant
    2 I don’t want a guys d!ck in my pussy cause their d!ck is vry dirty
    3 and final I don’t want to go through that pain in the beginning cause obviously I’m a virgin

  • bgyyu 3 years ago


  • realizes only halfway this was raw ._.’ . i don’t speak any japanese….

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