• Anonymous 1 week ago

    I always been bother by tis thought why did vult end up like that or is that really him or some imposter waering his appearance.

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I’d love to fuck my older sisters throat in that position

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    The way she is on the ground and how she is forced to suck that meat turns me on. I wish I was the old guy slamming my cock down that helpless princess throat. How I would like to do that in real life against a hot chick who goes to my school, but has a personality of a bitch. Slam my cock so deep that she gags even if she didn’t want to. I’d probably be in jail.

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      I’d hope you’d stay there.

      • Anonymous 5 days ago

        fuck you

      • Anonymous 5 days ago

        people like you are the most fucking idiotic ever. So do I go out and start raping people? no! Oh maybe you are the guy who can’t tell the difference between hentai and reality. I hope a lightpost falls on top of your head and perhaps it will go through your fat skull and you’ll realize how stupid you are

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    i love how her hands are tied up and she helplessly has to suck that cock.

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    6:32 the face he makes after he nuts saying “Can’t get enough of this” is the fucking best in that position beautiful

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