• Moby Dick 1 week ago

    What hentai at 0:04 please anyone????????

  • IDontWatchHentai 1 week ago

    One of my mates told me to watch this right, I thought this was just another stupid fuckin anime that he wanted me to watch. Then I saw the castle get raided and I was like “yooo, what the fuck?” Then I saw the birches and their shit armour and the fucking nuns and I was like “yooooooooo?!” Then the cunt princess surrendered and got captured then got raped and I was like “YOOOOO?!” I couldn’t believe what I was fucking seeing. Next thing you know I see that girl with the pink hair sayin’ to cuntwaffle “You lied to me” and I was so confused. It was like Satan handed me one of his personal pornos this shit was so disturbing.

  • Equality, yo. 4 weeks ago

    The old guy was kind of gross. Like, why can’t they make decent male characters too. The girls are all big boobs n shiny skin and the guys are always downright ugly as fuck. Lmao.

  • Thatguy 1 month ago

    Well now I feel like I’ve been a witness to a crime…shit…

  • Father Time 1 month ago

    What the old guy did to the Princess is what neo nazi thinks goes on in Europe.

  • Kashima 1 month ago

    Needs more prim scenes

  • Iannis Xenakis 2 months ago

    Old guy fucking destroyed that bitch

  • LadyInRed 2 months ago

    that ending made me cum so much..

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