• Anonymous 4 days ago

    Everyone who hates rape yet proceeds to watch this is a fucking loser that’s all I gotta say, don’t like don’t watch simple as that

  • I eat my own cum 1 month ago

    I love how he tells her to feel his cock and Alicia just starts squeezing it and rubbing the tip lol

  • Oba chan 2 months ago

    Who is the gril at 0:04?

  • Oba chan 2 months ago

    What hentai at 0:04 please anyone????????

  • Hentai rape is for losers 3 months ago

    I give this one thumb’s down and a finger in the middle. >:-]

    • professor oak 3 months ago

      no hentai rape is awesome don’t be a bitch lol!

      • LMFAO 3 months ago

        It’s garbage! Only bitches like hentai rape b/c they’re too scared to admit how awful and pathetic it is to like rape even in hentai. So instead they give up like a bitch and say stupid shit like it’s awesome. FAIL!!!

        • I eat my own cum 1 month ago

          Don’t be a bitch. Hentai rape is the best there’s is

          • y’all hentai rape junkies are a bunch bitches smh

      • no its not loser…..its crap…

      • fagit

        • Anonymous 4 days ago

          Grow the fuck up you cucks clicked on it if you don’t like it why would you force yourself to watch it

          • i didn’t watch it but saw rape in the genres and thought about hating it but naaah… we all know it’s trash lol

  • HornyGirlfuuuu 3 months ago

    So I still fapped to this and have gone back for fap plenty of times but, idk, I guess it’s not rape cause they like it in the end? I mean either way hentai stories are usually fucked but who watches hentai for the story.

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