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  • The Materialist Space Emperor 2 hours ago

    Cost? about 500,000 that is

  • Just some pan dude 11 hours ago

    Dude holy crap that art style and animation are so good its overwhelming

    Plus its all consensual sex this is fantastic im bookmarking it

  • hardhead 2 days ago

    ooohhhhh god the art style,iytttsss sooooo ggoooooooooooooddddd,

  • Some dude 2 days ago


  • Anonymous 3 days ago

    Love the art style along with most of the sex scenes. I’d say one of the best ones this year so far. Idol Sister and First Love are still my favourite though!

  • Perverted Otaku 3 days ago

    I love the art style so much and it’s too cute and fluffy for me to fap

  • Anonymous 4 days ago

    Tayu Tayu 3 4?

  • Anonymous 4 days ago

    More rape please …..

  • Jennifer 4 days ago

    Pathetic sex scenes over and over with a bare bones story tieing it together. Didn’t even get me wet.This weeks releases for the site have been ass. 3\10

    • That bad huh I wish I could help you get wet

    • The Hentai Connisaurous Rex 4 days ago

      Bitch what are you on? The story is bad? But have you seen the art style it’s fucking amazing, I had the most delicious turkey and cheese sandwich from wawa you woulsn’t fucking believe me.

    • Anonymous 4 days ago

      I actually agree. I can’t even watch this stuff for the story. It’s not fap material.