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  • Anonymous 2 days ago

    And what the fuck this cancerous animation from 21:51 to 22:19 ._.

  • Anonymous 2 days ago

    My dude bralic

  • saika is best gi- 3 days ago

    10:50 just look at top right and youll see magic

  • GratefulBitch 5 days ago

    Oh well, its nice seeing comments that makes me laugh

  • Anonymous 5 days ago
  • Listen retards 6 days ago

    This hentai animation, is based off the VN, a VN is a sort of anime art style game which mainly involves reading and making different choices usually ending up with a different endings. Ep1 and 2 are unrelated and are different routes/paths that the protagonist can take to reach different endings.

  • Hahaa 6 days ago

    you wont find any girls from here buddy :D

  • Confused 6 days ago

    Wait so what happened with the blond?

    • ThatEvilRabbit 5 days ago

      This is an alternate route, insted of hooking up with blondie he goes the sister route

  • 2.5/10 6 days ago

    It’s really a shame, as nice as Elcia and Yuu are, they’re stuck in a confusing subpar hentai with some really weird animation. I swear, it’s like Yuu and Kaname are literally just flopping around at a few points, which is super weird.

    Still trying to figure out if this and the first episode are interconnected or alternate timelines… why does Elcia not have a problem with Kaname screwing Yuu when we know they fucked in the first episode? If you make a hentai, it’s gotta have one of three things at minimum, either a good plot, good characters, or good sex scenes. Aside from Yuu’s general adorableness (which isn’t enough on the character front), there’s not much here.

  • Paul 6 days ago

    Okay the first one was trash but its almost comedic how bad the sex scenes are in this 2/10.