• Samuel L. Jackson 1 week ago

    Why cant we have knights and the like in this day and time >.> its a trop I see in a lot of anime/hentai and it seems like it would be much more fun albeit more dangerous since people could be walking around with swords but still better than the way things are now

    • 2nd Amendment 5 days ago

      as long as the majority of people owning the swords are the good guys we’re fine

  • tracer 3 weeks ago

    ever get that feeling of deja vu?

  • Elcia Harvey 4 weeks ago

    I rate the sex 69/420

  • I love Pizza 1 month ago

    Was gonna give it 10/10 but they dropped the pizza so only 8/10 smh

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    They are Freaking cute i want a bf like this too

  • top 10 anime betrayals 1 month ago

    27:11 … Rip pizza you deserved better

  • typical animal reviewers who thinks they know their shit since they've written reviews on my anime list 1 month ago

    hurp derp the sex felt too forced derpp hurp, shoulda built the story up more hurp

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