• Anonymous 2 months ago

    If you dont fuck your women someone else will

    • Hypergamy 2 months ago

      Too bad this “someone” else is a complete loser. Upgrade yourself girl! Don’t be stupid that you go slumming. Your vagina deserves better than that! At least make your fucked life seem dignifying. XD

  • A terrible wife but I’m even worse brother

  • So Bad But Great! 2 months ago

    This Is The Only Cheating That I’m Happy With

    • Agreed 2 months ago

      Shameful she can’t be a wife though let alone a mother. If females whore around even a bit it’ll fuck them up a whole lot more than it would for males. C U Next Tuesday Sluts! lol

    • The other cheating one I can’t stand

    • Soom Guy 2 weeks ago


    • Soom Guy 2 weeks ago

      This is the only cheating that I really hate

    • U dumb 2 days ago

      This is the number 1 cheating i really hate.

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    She should just get a dildo, problem solved

    • True! 2 months ago

      and in a way she’s using him as a dildo like a pornstar is used as a sex doll

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    lmao what a hoe
    These bitches ain’t loyal

    • She ain't no lady 2 months ago

      That’s what I’m saying bruh. That’s what I’m saying… ;-p

    • U get me 2 days ago

      Exactly the way i feel she’s just a cheating slut.

  • Kiyan 2 months ago

    This site need an ahegao tag…

  • Hentai is for Normies 2 months ago

    Man hentai is weird

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Damm that bitch is fucking sexy and hot, I’m glad my son gave her a choice to choose, and that bitch picked the right choice. I’ll fuck her every single day myself and she made me cum quicker than I thought. Hope they release more of this fucking good shit here, also this episode was WAYYY better than the other too combined.

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