• Anonymous 11 months ago


  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    “The story of how a russian girl became part of my back country household and lots of sex ensued”
    what a creative name

  • Adolf Hitler 11 months ago

    Kenta san is such a player! What a nigger

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      Sieg heil!

      • Don't Tread On Me 11 months ago

        Well I guess free speech is allowed here. Now if only youtube or twitter could be honest about not having a free speech platform. That way millions of ppl won’t have to waste their time investing on a site that’ll kick them off b/c of difference in beliefs.

        Everyone says they value free speech but once they get big enough, more than likely, they don’t and they should be honest about that and give ppl the chance to pack up their shit and leave after lying to them from the beginning. This is why you need a fail safe, and a fail safe for your fail safe, etc.

  • if only real girls had her body lmao

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      Sieg heil!

    • that would be great but i’m satisfied with who i’m with and eventually you have to settle with who you can be with. so choose wisely and dont be old, single and childless. that shit is scary man

  • That Guy On TV 11 months ago

    I wish more shows has masturbating scenes like this, nowadays they all seem too short or really underwhelming.

  • Safari man 11 months ago

    Ora manko ga daisuki nanda hahahahaha

  • ugandan knuckles 11 months ago

    Do u kno de wae

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Let’s hope she doesn’t get fucked by some random guy at a festival and she lets it happen thanks to this idiot “teachings” lol

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