• Ajit Pai 1 week ago

    Hi im Ajit Pai, And i do not support ntr thanks bye

  • Xander Ford 2 weeks ago

    Ohh yeah
    Love the tits

    • lance the hard core skater tamama 1 week ago

      Manyak gago! Putang INA ka!

  • Passing comment 2 weeks ago

    This is like the 5th time I’ve seen in a anime or hentai where the girl is Russian (or biracial) with a horrible stereotype and bad pronunciation of the Russian language.

    Are these Japanese men obsessed with European woman? I’m really curious now.

    • Just here 1 week ago

      Doesn’t all race have one ethnic fetishes? Black guys want white girls. White guys want Asian girls and Japanese men usually want exotic European women. So give your claps to the Japanese for trying something different yeah?

      • Generally speaking lol 1 week ago

        White men like Asian women. White women like Black men. Don’t Asians have higher IQs than Blacks in general? There’s a joke here that’s just ready to be born from this and I’m loving it! [-:

  • thats fucked 3 weeks ago

    that guy is a horrible brother. just a piece of trash. hot though

  • Ajit Pie 3 weeks ago

    This video is why i will be censoring the internet in order to comment you have to pay $10.

  • I dont know what to comment so im just gonna, yep

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