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July 24, 2013

Hentai: Kakushi Dere

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  • BigBang 1 day ago

    Is there hentai in here that uncensesored?

  • Winky ^_- 2 days ago

    Why can’t there be more Hentais where the boys are tortured rather than the girls? T.T

  • Ros 21 2 days ago

    Sistem lovers

  • 14 yrs old 3 days ago

    Hearing* (typing fast)

  • 14 yrs old 3 days ago

    I might just be me… But i get tired of hereing the moans that sometimes dont match every movement, I mean i get it but if im being honest my turn ons are hearing guys growl anf grunt. It makes me wet knowing theyre putting in work

  • Don’t say a peep, and everything will be ok, ok?

  • Ephixa 1 month ago


  • Can't stop, won't stop 1 month ago

    This was a really great one

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Made me so horny

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  • Seriously this site keywords sending everything I write the hell

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago


  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I will be on for a bit more no worries.

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Lol I bet Sebby if offline right now…

  • No don’t leave this site won’t let me post fast enough ._. Do you have k.I.k if so add me zedx24

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    We’ll I guess I will leave you all to your business =,=)/

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Funny qoutes

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    If some of you are bored I can always tell jokes, pick up lines, or true but

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I thought about it but then again I would have less time on my studies.

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    You know what they say; food and money are two ways to a persons heart lol

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I sound like a klutz now I bet…. =,=”"

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I never rally figured out how to read maps either. Normally my brother does that.

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I get lost a lot in places I don’t know lol….

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Then again I never really had a sense for directions or time, so don’t laugh but

    • It’s ok that’s what phones with GPS were made for and I can’t b read maids either so yeah haha

  • That’s far dam I’m near LA

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I live In union cit so I think that’s north.

  • Oh sorry didn’t read it >.<

  • Your from cali right, what part north or south?

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    25 years old I said that awhile back lol when Sebby asked me.

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    75$ a hour and the sad thing is my brother is my boss. @,@”"

  • How old are you? You sound like you have it made

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • Haha maybe. Your a concept artist for a game company o;??? Which one

  • Used ,to be Panties/Sex Crazy Man. 1 month ago


  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Naw she’s probably entranced by one of the hentai vids by now lol jk

  • Sebby are you still here?

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Then again I ended up being a concept artist for a game company instead lol

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Yes I do but I never got to finish it.

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    And it’s would be my job to help people. *nods*

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Sorry if it sounds like nagging lol i concern myself because I studied to become a nurse.

  • @Kissmekat do you watch sword art online?

  • Lol pokemon quote nice :D

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    But not now lol

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Qoute from Pokemon professor oak: there is a time and place for everything

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • Sex Is good and bad guess the bad

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I bet everyone here already knows how studs get transmitted right?

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    True and all it is healthy for men to have sex once in awhile

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    oh yup always have a condom :)

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

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  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I meant because medically speaking STDs such as aids get to you

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    I should be dead then

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Ohh and that sex comment was for @used

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    We’ll it’s doing a lot better now that my family has gotten better

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    sex can kill you….

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    aww i hope everything is ok kiss

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    You they say sex can sometimes be like a drug. Especially since it can kill you lol

  • Cool@sebby. Ah how everything is ok.. :(@Kissmekat

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Yes but I had to leave early cause I had a family emergency…..

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    @ZEC im from pennsylvania

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    I actually got some good comics out there especially one of batman vs spawn

  • Sebby where you from? And kissmekat did you go to the anime expo?

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    We’ll like any other con there are contest stalls and epic stuff to buy

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    how long have you been doin cosplay an stuff @kiss

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Voice sync programs and I have made some original songs.

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    There are different characters though for the series. I actually have some of the

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    what you do at the comic con any way always wanted to go

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    i always wanted to go but idk when there in PA@kiss

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Making music lol but they are popular around the world

  • KissMeKat 1 month ago

    Ohh vocaloids isn’t a anime it’s a voice sync program for

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    i never heard of that show b4 @kis whats it about

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

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  • Used ,to be Panties/Sex Crazy Man. 1 month ago

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  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    oh cool

  • sebby-chan 1 month ago

    no its for computer to if you download blue stacks and wow i didnt think adults would be in to hentai

    • Oh I didn’t know it was try downloading it and yeah adults do well I speak for myself lol

  • She doesnt care that she can get pregnant?

  • Simply Denis.. 1 month ago

    No… I mean stuff like harems .. Incest I guess etc..

  • bad-man 1 month ago

    misaki SO damn ”HOT”

  • Naughty Man 2 months ago

    Sorry to here that .

  • Naughty Man 2 months ago

    I have aids

  • visitor 2 months ago

    damn…. niggas getting racist over hentai is mess up(black too but i love all races with hot women :) )

  • i hate her pigtails, makes this masturbating thing harder..

  • Alex Webb 2 months ago

    Everyone here “came” to jerk off so let’s shut up and grab our dicks and go.

  • wuts up

  • Blackman 3 months ago

    xD cant believe everyone is so worked up.

  • Watched with a girl. 10/10 we both came.

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    Top trending : Black nigga

  • I love both race my friend is chinese and he is white and we get along fine

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  • Hi everyone 3 months ago

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        • Justice 4 months ago

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            • Anonymous 3 months ago

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            • Truth 3 months ago

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              • Truth 3 months ago

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              • Blackman 3 months ago

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        • Anonymous 2 months ago

          why make these points on a hentai site?
          hell, why am i responding to these points on a hentai site?
          WTF IS LIFE?!

        • Bruce lee white…. Nuff said

      • Dirty 3 months ago

        Well I wouldn’t say everyone because the internet is full of white men recording their wives taking bbc and those videos never fail in bringing the racist comments towards the black man.

        You trying to disrespect him by saying “niggers” is just feeding his ego and making you look just as retarded for playing into his game, so congrats and well done on that. I can see none of you have ever heard the saying:


        • Educated Black Guy 3 months ago

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          • 15 years old perv guy 3 months ago

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    • Name Namington 3 months ago

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    • 15 years old perv guy 3 months ago


    • 15 years old perv guy 3 months ago

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    • Anonymous 2 months ago

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    • Locust Drone 2 months ago

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  • Phoenix Lord 4 months ago

    WoW! I think she is the most sexiest hentai character I have ever seen!! I love how she said BAKA at the end of the video! ITS SO CUTE!!!

  • wrdafdyt5 4 months ago


  • sex addict 4 months ago

    omg, this video is fucking amazing!

  • Allan 4 months ago

    By the way, the seiyuu for Misaki is the same as Sekai from School Days.

  • fairy tail lovrr 4 months ago


  • Marioxx 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what happened to oni chichi hentai

    • Amnesia Schizophrenia 2 months ago

      I was asking the same a few minutes ago :D

  • Laxus 5 months ago

    The moment I realized that she looked like an older Wendy (Fairy Tail) with big boobs, I was really turned off. Finished it for the story though and jacked off to something else.

  • whatTheHellDude!! 5 months ago

    does every episodes has a different story and character?

  • Tanaka Taro 5 months ago

    his voice really didn’t match the guy

  • i want somebody to rub my pussy

  • Chan Kok Hin 5 months ago

    Incest hentai FTW!

  • No name 6 months ago

    We all know who’s ass he was staring at 1:10-1:20 right?

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    I swear this site needs a Vanilla tag!!!

  • WTF chouji, you’re supposed to be in naruto

  • porno 6 months ago

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    i laugh when they say their done but then the girl starts moving on their own

  • No name 7 months ago

    Hey buddy it’s not incest if she’s outside his blood line

  • Just why

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

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    • krissi 7 months ago

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    • Anonymous 7 months ago

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      • some one who cares 7 months ago

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      • Le Rude 5 months ago

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  • bitch please 7 months ago

    This reminds me why Valentine’s day sucks

  • kickass 7 months ago

    Damn he and his dick went super sayian when she begged him for.more weekend

  • KimchiChi 7 months ago

    Lol in the end “Idiot!”

  • rape isn’t rape if they enjoy it

  • Gearhead 7 months ago

    My god she needs a hair cut

  • greed 8 months ago

    its funny in every hentai that has rape scenes in it the girl (victim) never makes an effort to try and stop the rapist or try to escape

  • 8=========D 8 months ago

    fap me

  • Damn All Dese Thirsty Niggers 8 months ago

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    • greed 8 months ago

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        • greed 8 months ago

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        • Satan 8 months ago

          Women are all pink in the middle.

          • No... I'll get pregnant! 7 months ago

            Satan’s got the right idea LOL!
            Blacker the berry-sweeter the juice fools!

          • bloody duck 7 months ago

            WTF is the connection of ur answer about their conversation satan?

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  • HornySlut 8 months ago

    Does anyone know some hentai on this site with big penises but like really thick too

  • I like to daydream about it :P with someone I like

  • Ya hentai soothes me. I can’t seem to feel like I need to masturabte. I just enjoy watching lol is that weird?

    • Ryoga 8 months ago

      Same here and when I do feel like chocking my chicken :p i like it when they say the guys name I imagine it’s me

    • Lancelot 8 months ago

      Same here too, except the soothing part.

    • bunny 8 months ago

      I do that too,it’s entertaining and sometimes I purposely don’t masturbatr to keep the feeling in even though it kills me haha

  • dead guy 8 months ago

    тоо мапу к!ds !и неяэ!?

  • 8=========D 8 months ago

    I like incest

  • maybe 5 or 6 from what i know

  • beybeh!! 8 months ago

    am 14 year old and am proud to be a peeping tom

  • wolf song 8 months ago

    Im a 21 year old guy and looking at the comments feeling weird that i dont masturbate to hentai i just watch it just because its soothes me i guess lol

  • Animefreak 8 months ago

    Oh and I’m 13!!!

  • Animefreak 8 months ago

    I got into hentai like 2 years ago… People think it’s disgusting but I think it’s not! They have really good stories and with this I relieve my stress by, well masturbating…. It’s really embarrassing but it’s true!! It’s my stress reliever!! My favorite kind is incest and youi! Hope I spelled it right! And Idk about what other people think!! HENTAI ROCKS!!

    • I really hesitated replying but since you’ve made a good point I reconsidered. I started out watching hentai when I was just an immortal spirit. I’ve watched hentai for almost what seemed to be eternal. And you are correct, I’ve had some friends that say hentai is disgusting because they’ve only known about it from others but never really watched any (like Zeus <– Asshole). It's because it's new to them. Most of them though say it's wonderful, "faptacular!" (Buddha said that not me). It does relieve "stress", and mainly I don't watch hentai just for the sole purpose of relieving that kind of "stress" but just for entertainment when boredom strikes (Because watching everybody fuck-up in the world is bullshit). Hentai is where anything and everything is possible that rarely happen in reality. And I'm fascinated by the storylines that exist within this boundless area called hentai. Besides, what else is left for a divine and infinite being to do. My wife doesn't even let me touch her!

  • hentai king 8 months ago

    14 but I want boobies and some ass

  • Want0tra1 8 months ago

    Am 15 and want to fuck girls with boobs

    • Homo Toby Lau 8 months ago

      LMAO! So wait, what about those people with less or without any at all kind of boobs? And if you only care about the boobs does men with boobs count on your list? Frogs with boobs? How about rock boobs? Third boob?

    • All girls have boobs but during middle school, if a girl has big breast but a little skinny yet fat, she will become fat in the future lol

  • ........................ 9 months ago

    oh well it wasn’t that bad

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Wait so did they have sex in school I’m confused

  • Fuwafuwaru 9 months ago

    I almost cried at the end.
    I was all like “MISAKI-CHAAANNN”
    Sorry, I just like romance anime and hentai
    Too much…
    Did I over react?

  • Did anyone else notice the girl from episode 1? O.o
    Or am I just being stupid

    • lol i thought i was the only one

    • romance love is the best 9 months ago

      ya, the one whos ass was stared by the boy
      it will be better if this hentai has only this episode.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago


    • dead guy 9 months ago


  • son i am disappoint 9 months ago

    her boobs are too big. it really kills it.

    • Raishin Akabane 9 months ago

      The fuck you say I shall have your anime right revoked sir there is No such thing as too big tits

    • Person 9 months ago

      Welcome to every hentai and anime, EVERYONES boobs are too big XD it makes the real world so much sadder

      • Anonymous 9 months ago


        • Ani Ga Imouto desu~ 7 months ago

          So that means that if a girl doesn’t Have big breast she isn’t sexy? It makes me feel bad for not having a Cup C at 15 years….

  • Ero - senin. 9 months ago


  • 1-2-3-potato 9 months ago

    *Autism intensifies

  • Misaki 9 months ago

    Baakaa~ <3

  • I love these types of hentai with a story to it.

  • Satellizer 9 months ago

    That girl’s dream was quite funny. “This is a crime.” while hugging him. “Please don’t.” while jumping on him. “I’ll tell this to my dad and mom.” while cumming. Misaki pls.

  • Qweqwe 9 months ago

    Right hand pregnant.

  • RapeTheWorld 10 months ago

    Right hand lvl up!!!
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  • That one guy in the back 10 months ago

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    -What is it?
    -Fapp was successful.
    -So, whats wrong?
    -He has to wait 30 minutes…

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  • Dr.sorryforaids 10 months ago

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    Strength lv 50
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  • ugly girl 10 months ago

    I dont watch reality porn i only watch hentai because for me reality porn dont have pretty girl and handsome boy without big breast and without awesome dramatic

  • Terminater fapping mode time 11 months ago

    Fapping hand upgraded….

  • Kirinoh 11 months ago

    Funni… ;/

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    “I-I-I-I-it’s not like I was masturbating on your bed ’cause I l-l-like you or anything! Baka!”

  • Óèzí 11 months ago

    Let’s pray for a part 3 !!!!

  • reaper 11 months ago

    it so beautiful

  • Fapper :3 11 months ago


  • Animeking 11 months ago

    Another perfect video

  • i'llfuckUall 11 months ago

    hu wanz to get fuck hir ill fuck ur pussy’s ^_^

  • 1122 1 year ago

    Well that was an unexpected turn of events.

  • Saying “This is crime, you know.” while getting fucked. Wow, you don’t say ?

  • Good ass leaves 1 year ago


  • telepathy 1 year ago

    i wish their were more orgy ones fucking girls and monsters and tentacles

  • megnetude 1 year ago

    Is it weard to like hantai

  • Adolf Hitler 1 year ago

    8:51 i like it lol

  • Mahadma Gandi 1 year ago

    Pretty good..

  • Barack Obama 1 year ago

    We are otaku (we love hentai and shit) and we are proud being it. So don’t feel afraid to watch hentai. I wouldn’t tell it to other people though.

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      This is nothing compare to being a otaku!! First you got to live it my bro, by the looks on all yalls comments ill be glad to say that you are all matured hentai otakus

  • anonymous 1 year ago

    I need the next episode!!!

  • IWillGoBananaDontTemptMe 1 year ago

    If NTR next ep I will go fucking bananas

  • YesIMad 1 year ago

    Just to preface this, there’s nothing wrong with hentai, but fuck, you all need to get an education. Spelling and grammar levels are showing you’re all underage idiots who shouldn’t even be on here in the first place.

    Quit jerking your junk, and go learn some basic literacy. You won’t get anywhere in life otherwise, and then how’re you going to afford an Internet connection, to allow the watching of your precious fap material. Hmm?

    • yeah 1 year ago

      so you need to have a job or be educated to watch hentai?

    • i do know my literacy very well sir and i enjoy motsart and fine art i don’t mean to offend you sir but some of us do have knowledge of the fine art of world play that is all and good day

      • Anonymous 1 year ago

        Please tell me you intentionally wrote “motsart” as a joke

      • Fly Me To The Moon 10 months ago

        Please tell me you wrote your comment that way on purpose. If you didn’t, I’m afraid you aren’t helping your argument.

    • Fuwafuwaru 9 months ago

      I finally found somebody who feels the same as I.
      Some comments I can’t even read
      because of all of the ‘literacy enemies.’
      I don’t know okay.

    • nobody 8 months ago

      Um you can’t say that your here too

  • Forerunner 1 year ago

    I’v been reading/watching hentai Sense i was 8 lol. im 15 now.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • jizzjazzle 1 year ago

    That was great

  • It feels so much better when she says Onii-chan.

  • Don't worry bout iy 1 year ago

    Is it wrong that I want a step brother!!!

    • Ryoga 8 months ago

      I want a step sister now, this was awesome. To bad I’m 20 and my parents factories are pretty much shut down so I doubt they will remarry.

  • random dude 1 year ago

    it does not count as incest

  • ANNNsssssweeeer!!!! 1 year ago

    Is there a hentai when a boy see a girls falls in love with her then finds out that girl is his step sister if so annnnnnssssssswwwwweeeeerrrer!!!!

    • Kool-aide 1 year ago

      why would he not know that? but in all likelihood, yes, rule 34 of the internet if you can think of it there is a porn of it. but to answer your question, no none come to mind, this is the closest I’ve seen

    • watch a subbed anime called kissxsis not sex but it is hilarious

  • MR... 1 year ago

    Next episode those two will be NTR’ed by the school principal lol…

  • Steve 1 year ago

    Every time I hear oni-Chan I think of hentai is it bad for me to think of that

    • Golden Fox 1 year ago

      I heard someone at my work saying Onii-Chan and I about died of laughter.

      • bitch please 1 year ago


      • Fly Me To The Moon 10 months ago

        What did you say when they asked why you were laughing? “Oh, look at the funny clouds today! They’re hilarious!”

  • Sirzechs Azazel 1 year ago

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      its a very common virus that’s been going around. several google links have been reported as infected. you’ll want to format your hard drive and reinstall your os.

      • DS TORQUE 1 year ago

        I’ve gotten that BS a couple times. Don’t believe it, it’s a virus.

        Best thing to do is start the computer in safe mode, then use System Restore. Always works for me.

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