February 23, 2018

Hentai: Kagirohi Shaku Kei Another

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  • some dude 10 months ago

    she regenerates her hymen or some shit, even the guy fucking her was asking why she was bleeding if it wasn’t her first time.

    • Im gay ur gay fuck u 10 months ago

      She said her body is small and weak or something

  • Kimono milf 10 months ago

    I want episode 5. Damn, that psycho kimono milf is haaaawt. Maybe just her get-up is what turns me on, that kimono and how her hair is done and being more womanly than the other girls. Sorry, im not into kaede thing, not a lolicon. I wish there’ll be more scenes with her. Not just her dominating but her getting the shit fucked off by the MC.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    In the developement of this hentai.
    Goddammit Bill! Why the fuck does red head have her virginity again?
    Oh well, i thought it would give a full NTR feel.
    No you dumbass, she lost it in the first episode.
    Oh!… My bad, can’t do anything about it now.
    (Sigh) Bill… you’re fired

  • Anonymous 10 months ago


  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    I was wondering about that part too

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    you pussies nothing wrong with rape its the same shit as watching shit like punish porn. It what turns you on just because you like seeing hentai girls get fucked shit less does not mean you actually gonna go out side in real life and go rape a bitch grow to fuck up and stop calling people shit for liking this.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      Someone finally gets it

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      Ty for saying that

    • Professional Hypocrite. 10 months ago

      1) Even if you don’t actually “go outside in real life and go rape a bitch”, the fact that you enjoy jacking off looking at disproportionate overly submissive cartoon females engage in sexual acts is something your parents should worry about. However, the fact that on top of that, seeing them getting raped “turns you on” is probably a sign that you should seek serious professional help with a licensed THErapist. No seriously, people like you are not “shit”, its just too damn easy to say that, people like you are just really, desperately, acutely, critically (2nd language English speakers take notes, these are important SAT words), perilously in need of a Girlfriend. If you have one already (0.00001% probability), you should have a serious conversation talking about your relationship goals and sex life, because something is definitely not right. BUT in the end we are all on the same boat on this website, just a bunch of pathetic fucking horny males FAPPING to retarded Japanese cartoons because we either dont have girlfriends or satisfying sex lives. Thus, since we are all technically brothers (there are no girls on the internet), let us all try and make this a peaceful outer realm because that is what FilthyFrank wanted when he left to become a fucking normie cunt.

      2) I will now scroll up and fap to the rape now before calling the psychiatrist… BUT shit I have to study now LOL fuck this fucking bitchass motherfucking gay shitty assfucking exams coming in April FUCK. Enjoy your freedom all you fucking 12 year olds, enjoy it while it FUCKING LASTS goddamn it.

      • lance the hard core skater tamama 10 months ago

        Fuck off

        • A simple man 10 months ago

          I mean he is right lance why you telling him to fuck off?

          • lance the hard core skater tamama 10 months ago

            Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt

          • lance deathcore skater tamama 10 months ago

            Cuz he is a stupid cunt

      • hate 765 10 months ago

        Shut the fuck up

        • Anonymous 10 months ago

          Porn is porn. I don’t need to read a lot paragraph to know I’m gonna bust to a lady being dominated. Fuck all of you just watch the damned thing and fuck off.

          • 雷霆前鋒 10 months ago

            I com from China and I use VPN to cum here and masterbait and I open comment to lern english all I see is dum shit american say dum fuk thing U american all dum as fuk no english U suk my dik there is sum ting wrong with U dum as american fuk off u no use on world u bad fo famiy China is best fuk u wit u mother ass hol

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Don’t be a fucking wingnut Moonman. It may be faked but not everyone here is fucked up like you.

    • Moonman 10 months ago

      I’m sorry. I put a lot of salt into that. But I clearly said that rape is a bad thing. I’m just saying you itw different when someone gets raped in a show than in real life.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      You’re a faggot

    • Anonymous 10 months ago


  • Anonymous 10 months ago


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