February 23, 2018

Hentai: Kagirohi Shaku Kei Another

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  • Ratbhu 9 months ago

    So parts1 & 2 ain’t connected to parts 3 & 4? but there’s this scene where bully got a scratch from whore in part 1.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Wtf? Kaede lost her virginity twice?

  • Sakrment 9 months ago

    This episode is packed with NTR, skipping this…

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    The hanging put a pit in my stomach.

  • I don’t know what makes people so enticed towards rape but it’s fucked up mind-warping mind destroying shit and the only people who don’t think so are the people that have never been raped or people who watch this shit all the time call it what you want but it’s still fucked up some women that get raped hang themselves some women seek revenge and depending on how small the dick is some women can just move on

    • the guy who listens to ANON 9 months ago

      i agree ANON rape is bad, hentai+rape= unflappable shit.
      i hate rape but at teh same time a part of me like it, i dont like that part of me. I wish rape didn’t exist i have seen to much rape in real life and in hentai. i find it disturbing and inhuman. It worse when the girls go insane and want more dick because of trauma. i down know why people rape and i dont know why people like it but i will find a way to stop it.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      This is why everyone says Anon is a faggot.

    • Moonman 9 months ago

      You’re comparing a fucking hentai to real life. I agree that rape is fucking bad but lol you’re comparing a fucking hentai to real life rape. Take your head out of your liberal ass. It’s different when someone gets raped in real life but in a fucking hentai I couldn’t care less because it isn’t real dude.

      • Professional Hypocrite. 9 months ago

        Moonman click on page three, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, I take that you are possibly a Right Wing conservative, thus please go and get a proper education before insulting the liberal party. If you really want to, call the guy an SJW (they suck). Conservatism is only applicable in LDCs (Less Developed Country) and judging from your vocabulary (calling the guy a liberal) you may come from an MDC (More Developed Country) like the USA or the UK (development measured in HDI, developed by the UN). Your country does not need this kind of backwards, basic, primitive thinking in order to develop. MDCs need more than ever to eradicate internal inequality in order to move forwards. However, the conservatism doctrine states that inequalities are natural and just, and thus can be left as they are. This is a fucking lazy and convoluted way of thinking. Inequalities in fact stem from a history of human-inflicted oppression and injustice. For example: take New York City, Black communities living in Harlem are in general poorer and less educated than their Caucasian counterparts living in the area surrounding Times Square. This is because the ancestors of these Black communities were unjustly kidnapped, and subject to inhumane living conditions and unimaginable torture during the time of slavery. Even when slavery was abolished, these people were penniless, compared to the Caucasians who were their former masters. Therefore, it was insurmountably difficult for them to acquire wealth from there to even go above the poverty line, and thus, the effects of this disparity are still visible today. So stop being a conservative, its fucking stupid and bad for your economy, look at the current reality. The conservative party won in USA recently, nobody wants to go there now. They pulled out of the fucking Paris Climate Agreement, and thus will continue devastating this planet. There are even fears of Global Nuclear war starting to creep in due to Trump’s dumb ass threatening Kim Jong Un’s Bitchass like two kindergarten children fighting over a piece of dog shit that looks like Iron man. You can fap to rape hentai no problemo (you still need help) just at least go and factcheck the pragmatic value of the beliefs of your doctrine in our world now.

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      I just want to point out that a rape fantasy is suprisingly common fantasy for women, in some studies 90% of women who admitted to having had a sexual fantasy also admitted to having had a rape fantasy at least once. It’s not the same as real life, it’s just a fantasy

    • Anonymous 9 months ago

      Anon? You’re a fag

  • this is what rape actually does to people you’re too desensitized you need to learn what rape actually does to people

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Wtf is this shit

    • this is what rape actually does to people you’re too desensitized you need to learn what rape actually does to people

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Can someone tell what this hentaig all about I’m so confused. Really want to find out the plot.

    • Fuck..what happened? I thought that Kaede was dead. Anyone care to explain?

      • AlitheMoldy 9 months ago

        From what I saw and my 5 years experience of hentai and hentai accessories, that was a flashback

        • That’s what I thought at first but Kaede is a virgin when she got raped.

          • Ain’t she already got sex w/ the main male?

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