• Anonymous 6 months ago

    Dont like these girls. They arent attactive

    • Farewell welfare and good riddance! 2 months ago

      Lower your standards punk! lol I had to. Gotta be realistic but still aim for the best you can get under those conditions. :-P

  • Jensen Healey 6 months ago

    why cant my school have massive orgies like that

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    This was boring I actually fell asleep watching this

  • LustfulDesires21 1 year ago

    Azumi and Mia are some of the best sluts I’ve seen by far! I’d love to have them over for supper.

    • MiDyck6FeetIn 1 year ago

      I’d love to have THEM for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

      • Vanessa Leon 9 months ago

        And don’t forget about dessert. That cream-pie is gonna be finger-licking man! Aah!!

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