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  • Colin 4 months ago

    I loved it. Cute couple. Vanilla never fails in satisfying me

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

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    • Anonymous 4 months ago


    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Thank FUCK! Now I don’t have to pussy out of drinking bleach! Thanks death comment! Killing myself has never need easier.

  • Memer 6 months ago

    Boy, am I glad I watched those dank meme compilations on YouTube.

  • Underaged_minor 1 year ago

    Did anyone else think that at the end he would tell her that he’s transferring into a. New class, not moving houses?

    • Martha 8 months ago

      This shows real exrteeisp. Thanks for the answer.

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

      Same, but if that happened, I would feel bad for him. She seems like a Tsundere character so imagine how hard he will get slapped.

  • Nice, this is amazing. What a cute couple