August 7, 2017

Hentai: Jitaku Keibiin

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    So basically he went from saying he was only trying to protect the house now he wants to just fuck people he thinks are scum when he’s actually the real scum. Noted. Dude does not have his priorities in check and thats just sad. If only by the end of this he was killed for being such a fucking asshole and liar. Just saying.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Stop arguing about fucking hentai plot. Beat your meat to it. Then get a life.

    • Einsteins secretary 6 months ago

      He didn’t hurt anybody and the all liked it in the end

      • I’m not sure if you are a idiot or trying to sound smart. Of course anyone would like being fucked after so many times plus with the history behind that woman of course she would like it.

  • lance tamama 6 months ago

    Omanko ga daisuki

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Lesson Learned: Mom always wins lmao

  • pink guy 6 months ago

    Can I habe da pussi plss

  • Daisuki 6 months ago

    Ow shit that’s hot make more of this episode

  • No-name 6 months ago

    U all have no idea how much I wanna kill this fat ass fuck

    • Punisher 6 months ago

      Your not the only one

      • No-name 6 months ago

        ALL RAPIST MUST DIE!!!! I’m talking about vault from Kuroinu, the producer from I can. That blonde fucker from Mesu Nochi Torare. O ho…. let’s not forget about rim x sen. Frank castle (AKA: the punisher) come aid me in this goal. I don’t care weather they’re a demon or not. I’ll kill them through Fanfiction.

        • Anonymous 6 months ago

          You forgot the the Jordan of hentai rape himself: Majima-sensei

    • Poipoi Desu 6 months ago

      Ohoh I’m With You Man, You’re Not Alone

      • Punisher 6 months ago

        You forgot the bastard son from Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare all of them need to die some them no mercy *cracks knuckles*

        • Anonymous 6 months ago

          I love gakusen de jikan yo tomare it was my first hentai and gave me all my fetishes

          • No-name 6 months ago

            That guy had his reasons actually. Besides that piece of shit father of his had it coming.

          • No-name 6 months ago

            Besides he had a reason to do it: revenge, I mean he lost his mother because of his bastard father. Also I think he found someone to love in the sequel (visual novel version) I think he stopped.

          • No-name 6 months ago

            Maybe I’m im wrong. Maybe… i don’t know what do you guys think?

          • Doge__ 6 months ago

            I just want a reply on this fucking website

      • some relaxed dude 6 months ago

        Finally, someone with a brain.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    When he says “these two”, who is he referring to? He’s already slept with everyone at that point.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      probably a wrong translation . It shows the three of them yet says two.

      • smart person 6 months ago

        when he says these two hes not referring to the three he already fcked. hes going for the green haired girl that was in ep2 and another girl

  • Finally, I’ve been waiting for the sub of this since it first appeared on this sit :p

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