December 18, 2017

Hentai: J Pornography The Animation

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  • This hentai is actually on to something 1 day ago

    If we skip past the Woman basically raping the Kid. shenot just raping him but giving him some actual iseful information while at it. If we delve deeper this badically goes to show how easily kids can be Manipulated without given them an actual reason. Think about this like the Logan paul suicide video the kids are so blind by “Logans Maverick brand and him” that they can’t see that the dude just uploaded a video of a dead man in a forest ON YOUTUBE. Basically what i’m going with this is kids in general are NOT taught what’s right from wrong Similar to this situation BUT they’re taught about these things when it’s either TOO late or it already happened. This hentai has a Deep meaning to it if you’re willing to look past all the H scenes and focuse on the detail of the situation.

  • Ryder Nigga 1 week ago

    Ah smh most of us are just geeky niggas in our teens still virgins and beating our meat to some fake shit I sad…

  • Xander Ford 2 weeks ago

    i like this girl

  • South Park 3 weeks ago

    a milf raped my youngest brother!!
    she is ugly?

  • Alexis 3 weeks ago

    What. The. Ass.

  • Teacher lover 3 weeks ago

    It’s not a crime if the milf is hot.

    • Big Titted Slut 3 weeks ago

      It is a crime. Only adults fuck adults. Kids don’t have sex pervert. smh

      • Not true Kids use to have sex in ancient times .Girls who were 12 or 13 would Marry men twice their age and they woukd have sex so ur wrong

        • They still do over in Afghanistan

          • D DAY 3 weeks ago

            And thats why people love to shit on Afghanistan

        • Hollyweird 2 weeks ago

          Well it’s not ancient times when some people thought it was ok for an adult to fuck a child or teen. More than likely it was rape if anything. As for those who still do it today, they’re a bunch of evil pedophile rapists who need to be stop.

  • HoryShet 3 weeks ago

    I’m glad Hentaigasm isnt as stupid as the other sites and actually just shortened it to “J” pornography.

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