June 29, 2013

Hentai: Houkago 2 Saiyuri

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  • Anonymous 1 day ago

    It’s not rape if u say YES .-.

  • no way the guy wouldn’t fuk a wife like that and if she did cheat like this i doubt she would marry him and get away with it. 10/10 for fap but dont compare it to irl. LOL

  • akalu 4 months ago

    this hentai has a nice no

  • gg for tht shit.. 5 months ago

    This happn in real life tho lmao.. So yea fak yea

  • I can’t. I just can’t. Rape is not for me I’ll watch something else

  • ZoneTan 1 year ago

    no one care about doing this hentai……in fact, this is fucking real but who knows that’s if ever some of my friends, including my relatives, well i don’t really need to help wahahaha cause i love fucking someone or cheat to their BF/husband blame all you want but this is good netorare for me…………i forsake those who are so idiot in their lovelife

  • Rating master 1 year ago

    2016 review: this prob a year old or so hentai so let’s be brief,
    This genre is NTR, yet I don’t feel that usual rage i felt when I knew others.
    Reason being typical mc is a weak looking man does nothing with his wife, he also dense
    Don’t really feel anything for him, as his character was fleshed out aside what I described
    Women they never fought back at all, the pace of the story went a bit to fast to really feel anything for the characters aside “fap N go”.
    Art: is medicore I’d give it a 7/10 decent
    Story : is typical dense mc, old guy takes advantage mc don’t stop him.( this route happens in other hentai). 4/10
    Music: nothing to write about honestly
    Hentai itself: it doesn’t seem to be hardcore. Not enough to fill the pie so to speak. 7/10

    Overall score is: 7/10 this hentai “Fap N Go

    • ZoneTan 1 year ago

      good rating i like Netorare than Netori and it relates in my daily lives because i’ve already experience cheat to my bestfriend’s girlfriend that’s why this is giving me a guidelines or satisfies me in other way

  • Geralynn 1 year ago

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enhnarllitg!

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