• Rando 1500 1 month ago

    3:27-3:30 boobs are not that compresible.

    (like most other bodily tissues, they are largely water. They are made from fat tissue and hold the glands responsible for lactation. They can be squished and flattened, but you cannot force them to occupy significantly less volume. Just by compressing them, that is.)

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    She dressed in male clothes so she is a woman in America

    • Rando 1500 1 month ago

      What do you mean?
      Are you simply referring to how many types of clothing that are traditionally “masculine” are perfectly acceptable for women to wear?

  • An Evil individual 3 months ago

    Given the lesbian was fooled by the phone. It can be said it fooled the dude into gay.

  • Omae wa shinderu 6 months ago

    Anime tiddaes

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Next episode

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