• Russian Bot 9 months ago

    Belka obviously best girl.

    Tf is this hentai? Like, phone app/time stops/mind control devices have been done before but this is seriously missing some important plot details. Who’s that cat and who gave him the phone? Also, when episode 2?

    • No Ep.2 9 months ago

      By looking at my sources there won´t be coming Ep.2 any time soon.
      Plus we only about hentais that are in Septeber, October and November, meaning we have to wait for updates.

    • No-name 9 months ago

      Man I don’t know who the best girl is.

  • Can I have the app to. I want sex with Belka and her huge boobs

  • RUS > ENG 9 months ago

    Dobreye utro = Good morning
    Da = Yes or Ok
    Privet = Hello or Hi
    Razresheniya = Permission (granted)
    Spasibo = Thank you or Thanks
    Tebe khorosho? = (Do) You feel good?
    Khorosho = Good or OK
    Chuvstvuyet sebya! = I can feel it!
    !!! The words inthe brackets are for full meaning of the sentences !!!

  • Apple-only 9 months ago

    Can apple users also get this app??

  • lance tamama 9 months ago

    Yeah new hentai

  • pink guy 9 months ago

    Cen subady gibe de pusi plsss

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    i usually don’t give a shit but that lipsync is horrible

  • pinkguy 9 months ago

    Gibe de pussy boss

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