• Uhh..gotta say I didnt like this episode at all. First one wasnt bad, this one was just awkward.
    Like, you go from blackmail where she has to choose between getting a load in her and risk getting pregnant or having it happen to her daughter, so she takes one for the team. Ok. But then, she figures out exactly who she is, and rather than uh, use that blackmail to her advantage? She decides to pity him and automatically change her mind and decide its ok to pumped with a hot load 8 times even though she was worried about being pregnant 2 seconds ago? Totally cucks her husband way worse than the first episode and screws her daughter over too.

  • Once that baby comes out brown, those two are gonna be busted

  • BiGTiTs FTW 1 month ago

    Her mom is such a slut! Betraying her family for some assholes dick! Alimony is bullshit but she definitely deserves her man alimony for that shit. smh

  • Wow! What a hentai

  • This is pretty dope imo

  • Bi-chiku-beach 2 months ago

    I was going to mention how much of a licentious cheating bitch she is but she’s one fine huge-titted slut. So fuck her! lol

  • Friendly bystander 3 months ago

    Not sure if you guys know this but there us a manga of this..

    • Development of flatness 3 months ago

      Yes ….this Hentai is based on the manga and there is actually a missing scene, where the Mother breastfeeds Youichi……sadly its removed from the episode.

      • Anonymous 1 month ago

        Heh you guys do know hentai mangas more than anyone,I think

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