• Anonymous 11 months ago

    The manga was 100% better, her tits are too damn big.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Sluty mama

  • Xander Ford 11 months ago

    Nice tits

  • By the power of all that is holy I BANISH THY THOT TO THE SHADOW REALM!


  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Can someone explain the plot? So it’s the same woman, and she left her family for this guy, and ends up getting knocked up by him?

    • MangaReader 11 months ago

      The plot is that this woman felt old, so she went gyazu for a day, took the clothes from her daughter and went to a karaoke, where she found these guys, as seen on ep 1. In this time, her daughter brought home her boyfriend, and was the guy who fucked her on the karaoke, and she was worried he would recognize her, and so she did. After they fucked upstairs, she realized she knew who he was, from her friends who live in the same community, and she understood he goes only for women who are mothers, and therefore she deducted he had a mother complex, that’s why she started calling her “son” and he started calling her “mother” during the second part of the fuck.

      At the end, she got pregnant by that guy, and when he realized, he said that he will take care of that child as if it was his child (even though he really is, so the cheating doesn’t gets exposed).

      • Anonymous 11 months ago

        So she hasn’t left her husband, the dark haired guy is her daughter’s boyfriend, and her husband thinks HE got her pregnant when it was the younger guy? Alrighty then lol.

    • yes same woman from the first ep 1. her daughter is date him they do not break up but he find realize they had sex ep 1 so they pick but up he get…… he still with daughter in the end

  • Hentai fan 11 months ago

    Holy crap!! This came out a week early. The second episode was way better and they followed the manga without changing nothing. Definitely one of the hottest milfs and dam those tits.

    • in the manga, she wear the pantyhose and the anime she don’t wear the pantyhose pls

  • NoName 11 months ago

    Nice hope this gets subbed fast

  • Nice MILF

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