• Ya mami 8 months ago

    Wow the first time I’ve ever came for the porn and stayed for the plot.

  • lance tamama 8 months ago

    Sinong bakla dito

  • Dafuq 8 months ago

    What is this Tokyo Ghoul/High School of The Dead rip-off?!

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    so thats where the ghouls originated from

  • Really are you kiding me they left her, in the transformed teacher!! Her leg was sticking out it’s not like she was not there, and she got captured in a stupid way a nay ways.

  • So Fucking good; the amount of times I’ve busted to the scene when she’s in the stomach is immeasurable, Quite an excellent scene.

  • PaiNaruto 8 months ago

    Need moooooooorreeee **

  • Funny that HSoD ripoff. xD

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