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February 17, 2013

Hentai: G-Spot Express

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  • Love 1 week ago

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    • Nmyph o man\Cum 1 month ago

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  • wetpussy 1 month ago

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  • Diablo 1 month ago

    Green haired girl thirsty doe xD

  • draterlluF 1 month ago

    TIL anus goes dirrectly to stomach

  • Yumi akiama 1 month ago

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

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  • ShadowKid 2 months ago

    they made her scat

    • Used ,to be Panties/Sex Crazy Man. 2 months ago

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  • im 16 looking for a good time

  • hentailover14 2 months ago

    strange im 14 and already have a idea on a threesome formation

  • Théo 2 months ago

    Really liked the series, finally some rape hentai with good story

  • mark me down as scared and horny 2 months ago

    Man This dude is creepy…

  • JohnMadden 3 months ago

    BOOM, you got this girl over here on the train, see? Now BOOM you got this guy coming over to touch her butt, then BAM suddenly another girl gets fucked. I’m John Madden, and this isn’t sports.

  • lilli 3 months ago


  • nastu 3 months ago

    not to be mean but he not right

    • Asuna chan! 3 months ago

      I think so too but liked the threesome (some girls are actually waiting to get groped)

  • Death 3 months ago

    I wish more of this kind of hentai where there is a story or something like that

  • Anyone 3 months ago

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    • What are you saying friend? Do you mean you are tired of just sext and dirty talking that leads to not actually meeting the other person offline? I know how you feel but what do you expect on a porn site… hentai at that.. be realistic though half the people don’t actually meaning the guys, get passed the orgasim stage. They release and move on till their next build up and come back on here, lather rinse repeat.

  • Bloodoblivion 4 months ago

    I only feel bad for the cop.

  • vulcan300 4 months ago

    how relaxing bgm, unique character, remind me cowboy beebop for some strange reason

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Good video

  • MUST FINE 5 months ago

    Lest see what in going to do ( right after i just fucked to hot bitches and left that cop on that train) ……..

  • tramyar 5 months ago

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  • Anonymous 5 months ago

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  • Sleep Well Darling 5 months ago

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  • Nicole 6 months ago

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  • Angel 6 months ago

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

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  • Forever 6 months ago

    I would like this show more if it didn’t have to be about rape

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Can someone at least comment on the show
    I mean fyi half of these comments about getting fucked are by teenage boys

  • Oh yeah, I would have loved to get groped like that. And then to get fucked hard. Mmm, I’m so wet, I just want a cock thrusted deep inside me right now (;

  • ItGurl 7 months ago

    Omg, I just read all the comments on here and instead of feeling horny, I started pissing myself cuz this is hilarious how people comment on stuff like this!!!

  • Shush 7 months ago

    This is as intense as death note

  • Horny 14 years old too 7 months ago

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  • Horny 14 years old too 7 months ago

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  • Anonymous 7 months ago

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  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    hmmm so he had some kind of trauma.this explains few things

  • ThatBlackKid 7 months ago

    that moment u clicked on a video u already watched

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  • MisterMakeHerWet 7 months ago

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  • KimchiChi 7 months ago

    The girl with the headphones and the end.
    >.> I wonder if I can watch this anymore.

  • mie-chan 7 months ago

    I know this is wrong but im so wet -/////- i should not want this but i do

  • Sirzechs Azazel (God Of Vanilla) 7 months ago

    Even I enjoyed this. It was really good,

  • roarlowantser 8 months ago

    wtf did they put inside that cop???

  • Anonymous 8 months ago


  • Anonymous 8 months ago

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  • Horny girl 8 months ago

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  • Rika-chan 9 months ago

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  • Ygrhug 9 months ago

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  • Pikaloko 9 months ago

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  • Anonymous 9 months ago

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  • Anonymous 9 months ago

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  • CarlaQ 10 months ago

    This was stupid. I mean the animation was great but the plot and the fact that it took the train 20 min to get from one station to another and for whatever reason it was either always crowded or empty. The girls pisses me off so badly. I mean how fucking hard can it be to scream if you’re getting molested or at least try to fight back? And that cop is the worst cop in history. She has enough alibi and witnesses to catch the molesters but she’s still getting all nice with them asking them to stop like how stupid are you to ask a molester nicely if he can stop molesting people and expect him to obey?

    • NyomCat 10 months ago

      Hentai logic.

    • Did you seiously expect plot and a realistic response to molesters in hentai? I hated the unnecessary rape of the cop but the sorta consensual sex was hot (improbable as hell, but hot nonetheless)

    • Death skullz 9 months ago

      I agree but the cop is probably a bitch, same with the others

    • Though 3 months ago

      It does take quite a while for trains to get places, and each train I’ve ever been on it was pretty much entirely empty for the most part.

  • SexualFiend 10 months ago

    O_O Omg such deliciousness

  • DUHFUQ 10 months ago

    And fuk hentai logic…u can’t jus rape a cop when u said that ur against violence…

  • DUHFUQ 10 months ago

    I hate cliffhangers…where da fuk is the next ep?

  • Heatre 10 months ago

    Why the fuck is his dick golden!?

  • justinmk114 10 months ago


  • Anonymous 10 months ago


  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    finaly found some uncencord anime

  • What was that liquid they put in her ass (the cop’s)?

  • Wow im wet

  • monsteesweetness:p 10 months ago

    i have a good day playing black ops 2

  • one of my favorites it always gets me so wet

  • I didnt think I’d like this but it turns out.
    I liked it a lot.

    • Also, This hentai is not censored.
      For all those fans of uncensored vaginas and penis’.
      just sayin.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    (same guy) i wish i was one of these guys

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    i loooooove it when 2 or more girls get it on

  • So, let me get this straight 11 months ago

    They beat up the guys that they catch raping Yumi and said that they not going to let anything like this happen on their turf then turn around and rape the cop…..right?

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      they don’t rape the cop they watch as the cop gets raped although the one kid molested the cop before so its not all great

  • Seijin 11 months ago

    Ohhhhhhhh! He saw his mom get raped on the train and it fucked him up!

  • He starts gropinf because her mom was groped and she was a pervert too mwahahaha
    i don’t know why i start liking rape Hentai but its story is shit either way

  • not telling 1 year ago

    god sometimes hentai girls piss me off. fight back damn you

  • mayhem 1 year ago

    i love how even the one girl started groping and how both of them just fell ffor that guy mad easy! i laughed so hard

  • there wasnt really rape in this, cause they liked it

  • This feels wrong to say... 1 year ago

    Huh didnt really see tht coming…anyway it was still good

  • Kazuma 1 year ago

    this was good but i like the first one better it was more laid back while this one was more serious

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I hope this gets to have another episode it was good

  • Hentai: fucks and gropes women while they take it
    Real World: tries to grope but gets attacked and put in jail
    Moral: hentai rocks

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • shadow 1 year ago

    (I hate this part of myself but I also love it) I love it when girls break

  • Heot 1 year ago

    One of my favourite

  • Hayaku Rynokameh 1 year ago

    Well this is at least a bit decent rape hentai very enjoyable. I do agree with The Laundryman it’s great not feeling like beating the crap out of an asshole rapist it’s something I can fap to without feeling bad for the girls boyfriend. You know those ones where it’s a nice girl and a nice guy and a good relationship and some asshole comes along and ruins it esspecially in secret and to top that of the girl either ends up coming for more or accepting it that’s what I call undecent porn but it does help when I’m extreamly turned on and just want to quicky it but afterwards I feel a bit shameful :P

    P.S. : I’m writing this in the shower and it’s very late so yeah I made the comment long.

    Hayaku Rynokameh Out”

  • quick question 1 year ago

    Didn’t she just “catch them in the act” of gang rape? Didn’t she just personally witness them in the act of rape?

    • Pepe 1 year ago

      Yeah, the whole point of this “story” is that they like it. Real world, she had all of their DNA on her body and could get a swat team, kick them in the nuts, make the news and become superintendent. But desire is just to powerful in her :P

  • nicee bishop 1 year ago

    feel sry 4 the guy that washes the train

  • The laundryman 1 year ago

    This was not bad I liked the fact that I didn’t want to punch something after watching it like a lot of rape hentai on here

  • Pacheco 1 year ago

    wow, I liked this one, needs another episode though


  • dear hentaigasm 1 year ago

    we nee more uncenssored hentai like this one so upload them

  • hor nee 1 year ago

    Lezbo action alert! Lesbians tag? Anybody?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    What does fap mean?

  • Mr.Carter 1 year ago

    I love that no fear

  • hentai critic 1 year ago

    The blue-hair woman has to be the worst cop in all of anime/hentai. Her attempts at stopping these gropers are easily back-fired.

  • GiveMeAFacial 1 year ago

    wtf is the stuff they put up her ass, it turns me on like crazy.

  • Hentai Ouji ( Thomas ) 1 year ago

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s fap fap time!!!

  • Shawn-X-Y-Z-BEAST 1 year ago


  • Mr.? 1 year ago

    And his hair is still in place like a BOSS

  • the god of war 1 year ago

    Damn right for the uncensored

  • sister fucker 1 year ago

    love it!!!!


  • G-spot 1 year ago

    Maaan FAPFap

  • whoisme 1 year ago

    that guy is fucking crazy…..:D

  • bill russo 1 year ago

    g spot express 2 nice sex scene at the end two thumbs up

  • MyPreminition 1 year ago

    1 of the best storylines I’ve seen definitely make another one!*!

  • meh

  • Half of the stuff on this page is just plain hilarious.

    • Lonelykid3 1 year ago

      Sadly, however, the other half is rather pathetic.

  • pacheco 1 year ago

    that dude, is a god

  • depravadopervertido 1 year ago

    Good video number 1 ranking

  • Kimoto 1 year ago

    need an uncensored category or something