• Victory class star destroyer 1 month ago

    We need more L O R I dammit.

  • Anon-Master 1 month ago

    Next episode out of my guess will be Kisara’s payback against Mochizuki for hanging her. Kisara and the other flower girls will agree or somewhat accept to do a Bondage ero game on Mochizuki while he is hanged. I would love to see that lol. If they ever do maybe late 2018 or 2019 on the next line of episodes?

  • Wow the logic here, XD…. She’s been fucked how many times and yet she still gets embarrassed and acts like he peeping and never saw her naked before. It doesn’t bother me before the fap though and hey it’s hentai who gives a crap.

    • Melissa Sucre porn 6 months ago

      She’s not that much of a pervert. lol There’s a time and place for everything. She still wants her privacy. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Kitty Caprice 7 months ago

    Kisara is always hogging the limelight! lol But she deserves it. I mean she kept saying “Dame” when she got fucked a 2nd time. Idk what it means in japanese but in spanish that means “Give me!” ;-D

  • Unknown Name 7 months ago

    I Will Going FUCKING Her Night Day Mornings Partying With Listening To Dirty Music Louder Making Her Boobs Jump up And Down Left & Right Around Circle

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