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  • TriHard 1 week ago

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    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Say what you will you Aryan Skinhead. The Nazis (National SOCIALISTS) got there asses kicked! To bad we didn’t use the Atomic Bombs on them.

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    • Anonymous 1 week ago

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  • Hentai master 1 month ago

    What the fuck is the point of censoring in hentai?

    • GradeAUnderA 1 month ago

      Japanese Censoring Laws mate.

      • Anonymous 1 month ago

        What a useful way to solve your pet peeves! Use the Power of Law! Not violating anyone’s freedom to make, see, etc whatever porn they please or anything.

        What’s next? Hentia characters have to use condom’s too. But don’t worry. Hentai rape, incest and cheating is totally legal!

        But allowing the people to see a person’s or hentai character’s dick & balls or pussy & tits, even if the sex is consensual, well yay see that totally must be censored. Woe is me! What will I ever do if it’s not?!

        IDK…like maybe cry and ptsd or something. How weak, wasteful, and dangerous as fuck some or a lot of people in govt can be at times. smh

    • ClassicMan 2 days ago

      It’s easier for Japan to ban uncensored hentai than it is to ban say hentai rape. lol But if I had to choose I’d ban rape in hentai rather than censor it.

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