April 8, 2017

Hentai: Daraku Reijou The Animation

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  • Ouch... 1 day ago

    Poor guy

  • HAHAHA 2 days ago

    I’ve always loved seeing how much people get worked up about NTR. The anger is strong in these comments.

  • Vanilla 3 days ago

    Ahh NTR the worst genre of hentai no plot or spice… just plain rape and cock craving sluts.

    • Anonymous 3 days ago

      Ok. Go back to your generic vanilla and get high off of happy sex you’ll never have.

  • WTF HENTAI RAPED 4 days ago

    dont fuck me with this hentai.
    This is not hentai this is worse. LOL

  • Loser pimp 5 days ago

    What a fucking loser, the dude is 40 years old, can only get pussy by blackmailing people, and feels proud of himself because he stole the girlfriend of a 16yo boy, what a pathetic loser.

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