September 12, 2018

Hentai: Daisuki Na Haha

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    I love the thought of her husband insouciantly going about his daily routine of long hours at the office, never remarking on the obvious repeated impregnation of his wife despite never having sex with her anymore. The true stoic disdains the hedonism of the modern age, instead finding meaning in the endless toil of money accumulation and thus rendering himself capable of looking down his nose upon the fool who shuns labor and seeks only his own comfort. The stoic man pays the electric bills that warm his house while the pathetic hedonist shamelessly eats the former’s food in the warmth provided, has sex with his wife and gives him a great deal many more mouths to feed.

    • Unicorn on uni corn 1 month ago

      Why dafuk you write us an entire story about a HENTAIIIIII,i personally give no fuks about da background,im here for da tits

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    It’s ryu seibai gakuen bishoujo

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Hey guys quick question, does anyone know the hentai where the highschool guys older sister, who is also a teacher at the same school, gets raped and the guy finds out the 3 student council girls were the the ones who ordered it. Now the guy gets revenge by raping them and he gets help from the light purple haired nurse. Please tell me i ran out of options.

  • Comment-kun 3 months ago

    No new hentai in a while…

  • this website feels like going to be deleted soon. 3 months ago

    the website feels like going to be deleted

  • please create more pet life. 3 months ago

    Please create the full pet life episode

  • please create more pet life. 3 months ago

    Please create the full 8 episodes of pet life

  • Coming up next... 3 months ago

    Doctor: Lucky you. She’s not really your aunt, so there’s no foul to your relationship, kid.
    Akira: What do you mean? We are–
    Doctor: Nope. You’re living the dream of a hentai. Hate to break the bad news, but you ain’t the father either.

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