February 20, 2013

Hentai: Cafe Junkie

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Primary colors

  • SCP TRAWLER LAMBDA-4 8 months ago

    This. This was such an emotional rollercoaster. Hate, pity, hate, love, HATE, HATE HATE HATEHATEHATE

    Holy shit. I- I mean [COGNITOHAZARDS DETECTED]

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    dude really needs to get his bro a girlfriend

  • We need genres with these labels:

    Shota, Femdom, Reverse Rape,

  • Taric 2 years ago

    Did you know why there are Netorare(cheating)/Netori(MC chick thief) hentais exist? Its because of HAREM guys just “HOARDING” sexy hot chicks just like an example in Cafe Junkie where Masaru(Main Character) just get all of love and didnt even leave a single girl to Ijuuin(His friend)….good thing there is no sequel in this hentai series because if there is many ppl wish that it will become a NETORARE or Netori(if Ijuuin became MC)!!!

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