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  • Jesus Christ, l was enjoying that until he pulled the trigger in that girls ass.. What the actual fuck man, who the fuck makes this shit. Call me a pussy if you want but murder mixed with sex is not my thing.

  • did is the gewd shit

  • ew…chicks with dicks is not my style…

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Fuck you

  • Bob ross 1 year ago

    I’ll paint you like one of the pritty girls also I love the art work of this. Am like well done while fapping one out sexy as fuck

  • I love this hentai. Sometimes most hentai get annoying with the constant play-by-play during the sex scenes.
    “His penis is so deeeeep inside of me!! Oh god your hard cock is.. I can feel it deep inside me!!”
    “Your tits are boucning with each thrust. Your vagina is soooo wet, it’s dripping for me thick cock.”
    “Ahh!! His penis went deeper!! I can feel it hitting my walls!! IT can’t get any deeper than this!! He’s hitting my G-Spot!! I’m cumming!! I’M CUMMING!!!!”

    And all that does get kinda annoying. x’DD

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