• Passer-by 6 days ago

    Ending song : “All the Reasons” by Takayuki Ohara (大原貴幸)

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    when mio-nee cried , i cried swell, hentai has good plot

  • Balls Deep 1 month ago

    There’s just not enough porn to satisfy a man. You need a woman.

    • Some of use are sadly not lucky enough to get a Woman.. trust me, it aint that easy.

    • Hahaaa Virgins! 1 month ago

      Agreed. Quit having a one-way you selfish fucks! lol

  • aaaaa 1 month ago

    the ending’s lowkey lit

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Where can I get that ending theme tho?

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    More swimsuits all i ask

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    For those who still don’t know after waiting for several years “Baku Ane episode 2″ will be release this November 2017 and there’s more 1 character will be added “A Silver long haired beauty” so wait for it I’m too excited for this honestly Hahaha

  • Netta Jade 2 months ago

    Maybe while on his trip to Asia Trump can tell the Japanese government “You can have a REAL military and nuclear weapons BUT you also gotta stop this censorship. People wanna see that damn pussy!” lol

    • Plus ultra 2 months ago

      He hasn’t done shit for year, why would you think he would do something now?

      • Very Fake News 2 months ago

        Uh-huh smh

      • Reality Check 1 month ago

        It’s funny because he has been doing shit, it’s just congress keeps denying what he’s trying to do. For example: Putting the illegal drug dealer mexicans back to Mexico. It was denied by congress and the people even though when he said he was going to do this when he was running for election, people were cheering him on. Also he tried scrapping Obama’s care to make a better healthcare service. That also got declined. There are several others and these ones were only the first three months of presidency

    • Grab her by the pussy Hollywood 1 month ago

      if the japs get a military and nukes their economy won’t offered to get much. could be cheaper short-term to still have US protection. a lot of govts worldwide still owe a lot of money for wanting US military protection

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