• HentaiMaster9000 2 months ago

    Alright lads, calm the fuck down. Jerk off, finger yeself, do the dirty deed, and move on. Calm the bloody fuck down

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Jajajaja un clásico :v

  • This is really fking gross to watch >_>

  • A Music Lover 1 year ago

    I think basically he realized how fucked up of a brother he was because he was tricking his sister into sleeping with him. When he saw her wear that dress, he felt like a piece of shit because he knew she was going to marry someone one day. Honestly, what a dickhead tbh. You know how sick it is to trick your sister for your own sexual desire? That’s just wrong man.

    • Nope 1 year ago

      That’s not it. He knows he’s a piece of shit, but that’s not why he’s crying. He’s crying because he knows Hana will leave. The thing is, Hana loves him now. He doesn’t deserve it, but she does.

      • Then again you can think that far on an emotional level if you want or just think of ut as a real thing like the first guy but then again its just hentai if people like watching it so be it but that doesn’t meam that whoever watches this won’t actually do this

      • lance tamama 4 months ago

        Ahhhh okay this a sad story .when hana will leave is perverted brother.the thing is. He love the sweetest little sister hana

  • The Ecchiness!!! 1 year ago

    geez, 4 episodes….

    usually a hentai series won’t make it past 3….

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