• Anonymous 3 months ago

    Even tho i downloaded this, i feel i will not fap to this. Im payin as much attention to how naive she actually is than the sex itself

    That is…not a good thing

  • Yerrr 5 months ago

    Just beated with a fifi shit was fire

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Is This Pedophilia?

    • Pedofilth 3 months ago

      Yes it’s pedophilia you donkey! Don’t forget to finish your porno before you get that (sigh)…

  • Anonymous 8 months ago


  • BoboIsTheNewMoe 9 months ago

    I couldn’t careless about the whole story about this hentai cause the only thing I care is what they are doing and it’s making chicken cluck.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    If she was my sister would run away with her and start a nudist incest family

    • Hex Maniac 8 months ago

      Man you got all these whoremoans running through your brain to you dick and back. Chill the fuck out and starting thinking. Use that head our yours before you insert your dick into something you’ll regret and can’t come back from. :-P

  • GlucoseGuardian 11 months ago

    i dont like that she started referring to herself in the third person like in the first 2 she seemed just mildly below average in intelligence but this makes her seem downright retarded that and the multiplication booklet does not help but atleast her motor skills and speech seem fine and looking at her i would say shes only 17-19 becuase the picture from the first episode showd her breastless i say 17-19 and not 16-17 becuase that picture is anywhere from 2-4 years old anyways so she still has room for improvement and am i looking to much into this and nitpicking as if im from cinama sins yes yes i am *ding*

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