• muad'dib 10 months ago

    the whole background stories of chii-chan and ko-chin got skipped entirely, but still, it’s a nice adaptation. the vn is a true jewel unexpectly deep and sugar sweet.

  • lance tamama 10 months ago

    Pixelated pussy

  • He literally fucked her all night long… unfortunately there was no anal but the hentai was good without it.

  • Celeste 10 months ago

    Two tags I never thought I’d see in the same video cheating and and vanilla xD. Now maybe we can get a rape and vanilla combo!

  • Sonic 1 10 months ago

    My Nintendo 3DS can’t play this!

  • pingmaster_2000 10 months ago

    this fatty sure is lucky

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Ah yes, only in Hentai could a guy like that get a girl like that. The suspension from reality is through the roof lol.

  • love ga daisuki 10 months ago

    b.e.a.utiful hentai plzz remove cheating tag lol

    • Lord Mawile 10 months ago

      She said in the first episode she has a boyfriend

      • Hentai Beast 10 months ago

        So the dude on the first episode is the dude she’s fucking this episode?


      • I luv it 10 months ago

        At around 4:00 she said that her boyfriend had betrayed her and left her, so imo there shouldn’t be a cheating tag. Although that cheating tag could be there beacuse she gave a bj at the start when she and her boyfriend were still together.

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