• I like tan and pale girl, I have no preference (unless you are albino or very dark, well sorry). But this bitch is very hot, hotter than most hentai girl. I want her so I can break her wall.

  • cutegirl21 4 months ago

    im gay and i watched this it was good

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Why the fuck does it have to be a cunt who gets laid 1/10

    • WOKE but still retarded as fuck 7 months ago

      if you dont want none then get the fuck out the way! im going all the way in, thrusting like a motherfucker til i creampie her ftw

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    i didn’t know that there are hentais about thots

  • That guy 8 months ago

    Fucking vanilla bullshit, she’s still hot though

  • Yeah right 1 year ago

    Shiit that happens. \_/

    This |_|

  • Shimaizuma (hentai) 1 year ago

    I’d of creampie her sexy ass! Forget about your BF! He had his opportunities and squandered them. Now your pussy is mine. Get over here babe! Yeeeah! Aaah!!

    • x-teal2 7 months ago

      Agreed! I’d of told her “If your man wanted you, you’d wouldn’t being here with me.” Then I’d of went balls deep into those sweet wet walls after she told me her pussy got tight.

  • Ahegao - chan 1 year ago

    This bitch swallowed it pube and all I fucking lost it

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