• sex pa more 2 years ago


  • Anisha 2 years ago

    who want to fuck me

  • Loneliest Baby 2 years ago

    Is this shit made in powerpoint?

  • Rick Maquefield. 2 years ago

    Then they go to hell. Bastards .

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    When do you guys usually post new hentai’s ?

  • Unknown-Desconocido 2 years ago

    Message to El valenciano más marico: And you ‘re good looking sentis hentai videos ? what about your family, your life, your feelings and your child ‘s future? tell me what you want I’ll keep fighting until the end.
    And by the way my name is Rick Maquefield.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I honestly don’t think 30 mins out of my life at midnight is going to ruin me. And it has been this way for me for 6 years without issue. I have a good relationship with my friends and family and no problems getting my college work done or going to my job. If you have a problem with porn, then you have some serious shit to work on. Porn shouldn’t be able to take over you life like you have stated.

      • Rick Maquefield 2 years ago

        It is that I’m different than you, you ‘re right and I still affected , have been fighting for more than 10 years against pornography , and keep fighting .

  • Unknown-Desconocido 2 years ago

    Hello everyone: men and women I know a lot of you are going to insult me ​​or criticize me, but please read this message is for the good but ended badly, please read:
    … .It Many people visit this page because you like it is very exciting to see hentai videos and is good for health, but it is not good for sentiment. Ami I liked pornography, hentai and ecchi videos I felt good and nothing happened, but in a few years I started to realize I was beginning to get away from reality, I started losing friends, away from my family, and my life stay completely ruined, I can not stop watching erotic videos because it is strong and hard to leave. I’m very hurt because the hentai as a simple drawing always won me, to you are wasting your time watching this crap, some of you will have a good future, could be affected relations between couples or marriage, or worse, and you are losing .
    I have been fighting for more than 10 years to leave this addiction, but always fall, I’m struggling without help, I’m struggling as a man, I will continue fighting until the end and never give up.
    Pornography, hentai and ecchi grow increasingly, more and more; Many people end up watching videos like you. So they choose good or evil. seriously I say stop see Satanic crap
    it’s bad for you, but fuck you because I’m going to win and I will have a nice life and you rotting with this shit. So fight and get out of this misery. Think and decide.

    Volvere the weekend to view comments. Thanks for reading and sorry for writing so much.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      People decide to be on here, it’s their choice, leave it be bro.

      • Rick Maquefield 2 years ago

        Just trying to help, but could not care less . Pornography takes your head.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      I’m not addicted and I won’t become addicted because I don’t get easily influenced just because u did doesn’t mean other people will too so shut the fuck up and deal with your own problems

    • ~Miss XoXo♣~ 2 years ago

      Lmao just because u wasted ur life on porn dosent mean everyone has a addiction reading this shit made me 5 minutes late from having an orgasm

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      lmfao, this shit

    • Thank you, i will break this addiction with you

    • You’re fucking retarded

    • Restressed 2 years ago

      I really respect your oppinion of hentai and pornographi, but to fight it, is a fight which you will never win. Think about it: Men are only born to reproduce them self. For this, men were give a lust, so they can do that. If you are fighting against your lust, that’s like fighting against your stomach. And what do you mean by “nice life” ?. See, i have fun watching hentai, and if i do that every day, than i can say, i had a nice life.
      Again, i really respect your way of seeing this but it’s complete bullshit to write this on a porn site like this

      • Rick Maquefield 2 years ago

        Okay , whatever you want, but you’re never winning, whatever it is you are sexual exclave of pornography. SLAVE I’m not because I’m really struggling as a man. Pornography is turning his head to you, but do what they want.

    • Thedude 2 years ago

      You’re in the minority here. This is a porn site people come here to fap not to read this bullshit. If you let pornography take over your life to the point where you lose everything then you need to get some help. Go talk to someone about this but not here though someone that you can trust.

    • LeafyIsHere 2 years ago

      I love sucking dick, Im gay and sucking cock is a very importantnpart of my life, I spend mostbof my days sucking 12 year olds dicks and I love it. Fuck good and evil. Fuck wrong and right. If I feel good about myself and Im happy with myself then fuck anyone who thinks I should stop doing what I like.
      Fuck you and have a nice day.

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