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March 15, 2013

Hentai: Ane Koi

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  • Guy Jones 6 days ago

    These people. .-.

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  • Naughty Man 1 week ago

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    • fuckinkawaii 1 week ago

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      • Keaghan 1 week ago

        Not really I don’t have a problem with it but this guy is just filled with bullshit.

  • Naughty Man 1 week ago

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    • Keaghan 1 week ago

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    • Keaghan 1 week ago

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  • Keaghan 1 week ago

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  • 1438_forever 1 week ago

    The fuck I’m envious I wish I had a big bother but not doing that stuff to me. I’m the only child uhhh…. Comment if your an only child

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  • Naughty Man 2 weeks ago

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  • fuckinkawaii 2 weeks ago

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    • Naughty Man 2 weeks ago

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    • Naughty Man 2 weeks ago

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  • That Guy 2 weeks ago

    Haha! Attack On Titan, every Saturday night. Only on Toonami….. Bitches!!!! Kill All Titans!!!

  • Mikasa Ackerman 2 weeks ago

    I wish me and Eren could do this…

    • Eren Jaeger 2 weeks ago


      • Keaghan 2 weeks ago

        Hey eren how it’s going man!?

        • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

          Wortless humans on a hentai website your kind disgusts me

          • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

            That makes you worthless as well,you fucktard,since you are here,commenting.

            • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

              Don’t talk back to a king you maggot

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                You’re the king of retards,if any.Now kindly fuck off and die.

              • The Doctor 2 weeks ago

                Jesus, Locust why are you so hostile bruh XD

              • Kenpachi 2 weeks ago

                Shit’s about to get real *grabs popcorn*

              • Sherlock Holmes 2 weeks ago

                I deduce this argument will be hilarious

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                I’m hostile only towards complete idiots,Doctor.I just can’t stand them,even though I know fighting stupidity is a lost cause.

              • Kenpachi 2 weeks ago

                I’m pretty sure the guy is taking the piss I mean we all love to rp fictional characters in this place and Gilgamesh is supposed to be a stuck up, in your face, “shut the fuck up i’m the fucking king” kind of guy so you shouldn’t take that stuff to seriously Locust however if he’s an actual fucking asshole I’m guessing we’ve all got your back

              • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

                alright alright ya got me I’m not being serious XD

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                @Gilgamesh *Not sure if serious face activated*

              • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

                nah Kenpachi hit the nail on the head of course I’m not being serious about all this because if i was then well um i’d probably be in jail

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                Well thanks a lot for making me look like a fool around here.And I thought for sure you were just another juvenile troll making ass statements.Also,I owe you some apologies.

              • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

                You don’t need to apologize just fap to your hearts content

              • Kenpachi 2 weeks ago

                I second that

              • The Doctor 2 weeks ago


              • Sherlock Holmes 2 weeks ago

                and they all fapped happily ever after the end

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                Oh don’t worry,I’m faping allright,but I had to apologise at the same time towards you.I am sort of quick-to-judge type of person.Also,I’m sort of ambidextrous,hence my ability to do both things at the same time.

              • Gilgamesh 2 weeks ago

                apologie accepted now we fap merrily until we can’t fap anymore

              • Keaghan 2 weeks ago

                You guys started this without me, damnit!

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                It was just a non-sensical argue about my misunderstanding of Gilgamesh’s comment.But hey,no biggie,there’s still plenty of room here,so join the fun.

              • Keaghan 2 weeks ago

                Yay, who the fuck is Gilgamesh!?

              • Locust Drone 2 weeks ago

                Some funny guy who I misunderstood him for a flamer.He’s actually a nice person.

              • Keaghan 2 weeks ago

                Whatever I’m still bored.

      • Armin Arlert 2 weeks ago

        Eren, what is this place?! It has people doing weird things! I don’t understand!

      • Yep... 1 week ago

        the replys for this…. ITS OVER NINTHOUSAND!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I want to fuck someone (boy 11)

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    I fapped about 5 Times’ but i never cum

    • If your haveing trouble I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but an orgasm ain’t one

    • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

      That means that you fapped too much or you didn’t have your puberty. happened to me before my puberty. So Don’t worry. If I’m wrong then I’m sorry

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Poor rapequeen

  • America needs to start making hentai porn.

    • Likely not sorry 1 month ago

      Have you seen the anime dubbing/creation community in the US? It is very small and limited. Most of us would prefer Japanese. If you are asking because of censoring, well it’s matter of culture. Most of us grew up with Western influences and that may have inclined you to preferring uncensored porn.

      • what the 1 month ago

        i prefer English dub not gonna waste my time reading English sub… am fapping hard here!

      • Shhht it's all ogre now 2 weeks ago

        Avatar is anime influenced and made ‘murica and thats prety decent

  • lolwut 1 month ago

    i wish i had a brother like that ;___;

  • PewDiePie 1 month ago

    Fap(10x) CUM…!!!!! SSSHEET.

  • Tsutsunami 1 month ago

    hai, I’m a boy. I wish I had a big dick to love ;-;

  • SejioRapeQueen 1 month ago

    This was quite entertaining, if only I had an older brother who’d
    Fuck me whenever he feels like it .____. Oh well back to porn c:

  • Hentai is the best my favorite is ane koi and Mou hasamazu ni wa lrarenai

  • raymond 1 month ago

    ok is it rape

  • Mr.Smiles:) 1 month ago

    I would like to ask a something from people on this site if you could be in any anime or hentai which one would you be in. so say Mr.Smiles:)

  • is that sprite 21:38

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  • Virgin Pussy 1 month ago

    I want a onii chan

  • Peace is held together by thread strings, Some will cut those threads and unleash hell upon our world! 1 month ago

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  • Seizemybreath 2 months ago

    i am officially dead~

  • Seizemybreath 2 months ago

    Shiro_neko??? where are youuuu

  • Seizemybreath 2 months ago

    Neko wanna chat somewhere privately??

  • Shiro_Neko 2 months ago


  • Seizemybreath 2 months ago

    Neko i guesss you are a guy?

  • smile 2 months ago

    onii-sama?? :(

  • Rukka 2 months ago

    Any filipino guy here?? I want cock so bad!!

  • Onii-sama~ 2 months ago

    Me too, ahh…I wanna have sex so bad

  • qyree 2 months ago

    I’m virgin..

  • Miyuun 2 months ago

    I’ve always wanted an onii-chan. :(

  • +Genre : Rape

  • They need to add two new categories: Tsundere and Censored/Uncensored.

  • King California 2 months ago

    So what the hell just happen?

  • Mai-Chan :3 (Age: 14 x 1 = ?) 2 months ago

    I wish I had an (older) brother ;_; Too bad I’m an only child *Hugs self*…. Although I’m a virgin it might hurt a little bit.

    • Mister Hentai (Age 15 x 1 ) 2 months ago

      i could be your older brother

      • Mai-Chan :3 (Age: 14 x 1 = ?) 2 months ago

        Are you willing to take my virginity? ;) Onii-Chan *Leaning closely*

        • hey girly! 2 months ago

          Hey im 14 x 1 too and Im willing to take your virginity :)

          • Mai-Chan :3 (Age: 14 x 1 = ?) 2 months ago

            Hmm?… As long as your gently and willing to be my older brother ;) *Going down on knees and hands* ^w~ All yours <3

            • Natsu-kun;3(Age: 19 x 1) 2 months ago

              What about me nee-chan?

              • Hime(; 2 months ago

                Can i have you natsu-kun?:3

              • Omg Mai-Chan you’re a fucking dumb-ass and it makes me cringe

            • hey girly! 2 months ago

              Yes Mai chan :D I will, I will be so happy to have a little sister as beautiful and hot as you, I will make you so satisfied in bed :D

            • hey girly! 2 months ago

              Mai-chan, onii chan will be gentle *lie you in bed* :D

              • Mai-Chan :3 (Age: 14 x 1 = ?) 2 months ago

                You’ll be gentle right? *Tearing up a bit, but opening my legs* This will be my first… ;3

              • BigDGuy 2 months ago

                Yeah, open wide :D

              • hey girly! 2 months ago

                Ill be gentle, get ready :3

    • Seizemybreath 2 months ago

      i volunteer to be your older brother!!

    • TheRockHardBeast 2 months ago

      You’re so sexy! :)

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  • superior 2 months ago

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  • Someperson 3 months ago


  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    She is just like the girl from kill la kill the main char

  • Pussy Destroyer. 3 months ago

    This is cute, but too bad it’s incest..

    That shit’s gross as fuck.

  • so called boyfriend 3 months ago

    I actually liked this..lmao

  • Sexy girl 3 months ago

    So hot the girl is so cute

  • womanizer 3 months ago

    its good

  • PewDiePie 3 months ago

    This Is So Sexy :p

    • PEWDIEPIE FAN 2 months ago


      • If you seriously think it’s PewDiePie, fuck off because you’re a retard.

    • Markiplier 2 months ago

      Hey pewds wana play some TTF a.k.a Tits Tits Tits lol *puts on pink mustache*

  • Fuck me 3 months ago

    Fuck me babe

  • Charm_23 3 months ago

    WTF!!!!!she looks like me !!!!!!!!! anyway nice hentai :D
    now i need to go back and watch Naruto

  • Sleep Well Darling 3 months ago


  • Apple 3 months ago


  • freak 3 months ago

    shes hot

  • curse 3 months ago


  • im manly cute 3 months ago

    Do Japanese do that in real life if so they fucking crazy

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Meet the perverted brother

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Which hentai is the one with the guy who has to go live with his uncle who happened to own a strip club and he ends up fucking all the girls?

  • Call me DAJ 3 months ago

    It’s times like these that i ask myself “will i really ever get a girlfriend if i still keep fapping to hentai?”

    • chara 3 months ago

      yeah.. im a girl but i’m turned on with hentai

      • Lame-Sama. 3 months ago

        You’re a girl? Can I get your number? I need it for um school.

      • Call me DAJ 3 months ago

        Oh cool! Now if only you were 16, likes tall fat guys (i’m 6’2″), and lives in the philippines (near molino bacoor cavite queensrow west area b) you’d be perfect.

        • Anonymous 3 months ago

          lol that moment when I know that place and I’m a girl but sorry I don’t do SEB. xD

          • Call me DAJ 3 months ago

            Fistly: What the hell is SEB?
            Secondly: i don’t really care about sex. I just really really want someone i can freaking hug 24/7. (is that too much to ask?)

            • Anonymous 3 months ago

              That hug can lead to kiss and might lead to sex hahahaha well im around imus find me if you wanttttt lol

              • Call me DAJ 3 months ago

                Holy shit! XD

                Sorry :P

                Got lucky and found a girl while playing a game

  • Someone 3 months ago

    The guy is hot xD lol

  • Anonymous 4 months ago


  • I never heard of that one but I
    Did watch one called Aki sora I think it was really good heh

    • Seen it just trying to find that one cause I never got its name

  • Hey maybe you guys can help me I’m looking for a Hentai where the entire thing is the sister fucks her brother every time she gets her period and toward the end the boy asks his mother when will she stop and the mother replies if she’s like me not until her first pregnancy that’s what happened with you

  • Haha yay hentai is the best god I’m getting turned on!!! Heh

  • Say No To Tentacle Porn 4 months ago

    Yay no rape in this one

    • Xenoia 3 months ago

      i LIKE YOUR comment because i hate rape hentai they dont hndle they partner rightly!.

      • Anonymous 3 months ago

        Don’t like rape hentai? Don’t watch it.
        Don’t like your rights taken away from you? Then don’t take away the rights of others.

  • I think I was a minute into this before I realized it was based off of the hentai manga Love, Hate, Really-Love. I had no idea! I clicked on this video randomly too. Aw, I kept squealing as I watched. Sososo cute, Yoshiharu and his big sister! The story is so cute, one of my favorite doujins I’ve ever read! The video’s a little different than the manga though, so I don’t know whether or not it was stolen…Even the name is slightly different… Anyways, I highly recommend the manga! ☺️

  • TheHopelessRomantic 4 months ago

    I love romantic hentai like dis one

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    It’s times like these that i really wish i have an overly attached girlfriend who likes hentai, can blush easily, loves being hugged, and watches anime with me!

    • TheHopelessRomantic 4 months ago

      I second ur Request I would to have Fujioshi Gf

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

      Dude i had a gf like that…she was sadistic and put a dildo up my ass!!!

  • Anonymous 4 months ago


  • Ajuka Beelzebub (God of Incest) 4 months ago

    One of the best Ive seen so far. Its so damn cute!!!

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    a virgin aha she is just a bitch liker every hentai girl

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    i want to fuck my sister

  • MagicalHunteer 4 months ago

    Shes crying because shes a virgin wtf people

  • never let any hentai fanatic down….(h_h)

  • Truth Be Told 4 months ago

    Cum does seem to have its own physics engine doesn’t it?

  • hentai investicator 4 months ago

    this was a pretty good hentai
    it wasn’t rape most obviously because at the end she said she feel in love with her brother and she a numerous amount of time to stop him
    I just wish they would actually change their clothes but that’s just my preference

  • Anonymous 4 months ago


  • DEATHMAN 5 months ago


  • This guy has a big dick or she is on her period :P

  • Daddy's liddal gurl 5 months ago

    Krissis shoosh………… Every virgin hentai on here they cry god…also like 90% of the videos they cry cause their happy,sad,being rapped god….. So you sayin u rather be (rape crying) ur techncly saying that cuse there’s no rap involved here…… Even in real life (I cried when I lost my virginity not cause I was raped when I lost it cause i was happy and if u think that how about u get the fuck off this site

    • Pururin 5 months ago

      Kay calm down. Krissi obviously didn’t know the difference. Maybe they didn’t cry their first time, maybe It’s a guy, or maybe they’re still a virgin. It’s ok they didn’t know and thought it looked rapey. It kinda does look it. Just politely explain why It’s NOT rape or don’t read the comments. Ur being rude.

  • krissi 5 months ago

    OH WTF i consider this rape…… she’s crying :(

    • Sassie J 5 months ago

      Definitely not rape. She could have stopped him. Also, who touches themselves to a memory of being raped?

      Crying during sex is amazing. It was a buzz kill for my guy, because he thought he did something wrong, but it felt so good I couldnt help it, and I couldnt stop… now I wish our fave toy hadnt broke….

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Why in are the parents never home to stop this

  • Hentai fan 5 months ago

    Why is it so cute when he has both her nipples in his mouth?

  • Anonymous (James) 5 months ago

    Really these people are dooch bags
    If you cum you will make me pregnant
    Well fuck

  • Mr.ForbiddenLife 5 months ago

    Wow i can’t believe how many people watch this

  • baller 5 months ago

    one of the best wincest hentai

  • Kimochii 5 months ago

    Hohoho, pinoy rocks, hentai pa! XD

  • Dovahkiin 6 months ago

    The heck is this brother and sister stuff all about?

    • Pururin 5 months ago

      It’s all about the Moe baby. There’s something very sexy about things that are considered taboo or wrong. That’s where the whole “naughty girl” idea comes from. I’m personally not a huge Incest fan, but there’s a big market for the naughty and forbidden sort of sexy ;p

  • Zokarimoto 6 months ago

    The people on this site are so nice lol

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Thi is a great show

  • Mrs.Nobody 6 months ago

    Aww this hentai was so adorable.

  • D Ak-47 6 months ago

    she move fast

  • Jadesh 6 months ago

    Not even sure y but this made me want a taco

  • Legacy 6 months ago

    Killa agree with dark

  • killa777 6 months ago

    who here is single and think they r weird also

  • This Web page is fun to come and watch its intresting and I would have love if the adding new videos progress would work faster I know I ask aloot but it gets boring and lonely waiting more than week I come here everyday to see whats new bu oh well guess gotta start some conversations here while waiting

  • NoBody 6 months ago

    and i dont plan to fuck someone i dont know and im not that perverted :)

  • NoBody 6 months ago

    i dont live in floradia tho lol

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    • Daddy's liddal gurl 5 months ago

      If I come to this adress and its a prank I’m gonna fun you anyways…. Ill bring my good strap on is that ok? I’m gonna fuck ur brains out and I’m a chick so ill probably get off easy *snickers starts to masturbate again*

  • hentai king 7 months ago

    well Charlie I agree

  • Charlie Sheen 7 months ago

    This is epic winning

  • asfsdfs 7 months ago

    i swear she said nani or naniyo like 6 times

  • HentaiGangBang 7 months ago

    heii anyone . this hentai was amazing but i really want to see hentai in gangbang . in that video , have 3 big muscle men fuck the girl . have anyone at here can suggest me that video ? please……

  • Hello 7 months ago

    Nice day outside…

  • Nice and tight 7 months ago

    Came too many times (with them )lol .. Now I gotta go watch naruto to calm down

  • xxdxx 8 months ago

    best hentai

    • Realy? I found this one kind of boring. But maybe this kind of stuff is your fetish. I didn’t find any charm.

  • wait wait wait 8 months ago

    She was just dreaming…Damn that’s some dream

  • He just wanst to fuck his sister XD…

  • big boss 8 months ago

    she dumb as fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk !!!!! how u get fucked by yo own brother smh for shame

  • Guest 8 months ago

    I very much adore the animation, and the guy and the girl are handsome and beautiful respectively. And her voice is not very overacted, so I quite liked it. Usually, the women in hentais have those high pitched voice and overact in sex scenes, but this one is tough. Good, though.

  • I like the plot of the story. But its so weird. Incest to your older sister. I think eroge suitable this story.

    And nice tsundere

    anu b yan. Magtagalog b? Haha

  • mestery 9 months ago

    in the part she was smiling she was crieing too she done it with her bro like three times already

  • anekoi 9 months ago


  • vibrate 9 months ago

    where is the fucking download button here??? i want to own it

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  • very colorful dick 9 months ago

    in the censoring part

  • Iceyy 9 months ago

    dude they had sex for like, the whole episode. im not really complaining but damn. Its hard to just go for 2 hours.
    Hentai makes me feel sad about my bed stamina :c

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    oohh good now i can’t download from my download manager , because those new toolbar !!

  • pewdiepie 9 months ago

    i saw this website and started doing porn its awesome.

    • noone 9 months ago

      What Name is That!?

      • Nicky 9 months ago

        You don’t know Pewdiepie? Check YouTube; he’s hilarious. (Now onto hentai, haha.)

        • Your Mom 9 months ago

          Pewdiepie is annoying.

          • Nicky 9 months ago

            True. But still fun to laugh at. Those voices and “bleeebs”………makes a girl turn totally OFF. Oh well. This is a surprisingly hot hentai; I didn’t think I’d like it so much given the rather simplistic art.

          • Jack Frost 9 months ago


        • tentacle monster 7 months ago

          What’s so great about pewdiepie

          • LOLmyass 7 months ago

            If you hate pewdiepie join a group called barrels

            If you love pewdiepie join an army called the BRO army :))

    • devil 4 months ago

      Wow 1 coment gets this much

  • sheit 9 months ago

    Oh fuck, I cant actually believe I have read this manga.

  • Nevin 9 months ago

    Nice hentai …

  • Niggaiscrazyasshit 9 months ago

    Hey guys i hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Anonymous 10 months ago


  • ilovemyboobs 10 months ago

    this is by far the best hentai i’ve ever watched ^^

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Why the fuck are there so many Filipinos?! Yes, I am one. But grew up somewhere else, and can hardly understand shit..

    • Guest 8 months ago

      Hahaha :)
      I think Filipinos are everywhere dude.

  • ナツ dらgねえ 10 months ago

    Too much blood I love it!


  • some of these names sound funny as hell translated

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Both of her boobs individually is bigger than her head

  • nobody XII 11 months ago

    Dont fall in love with ur sis

    • As add 10 months ago

      then fall in love to me i will seduce you with my pussy

      • shinobi from hidden porn village 8 months ago

        ok has anyone else notice all the girls on this site have to point out they have a pussy

        • Itachi 7 months ago

          I think by now you should’ve realized that most ‘girls’ aren’t really girls. Just guys that like/attempt to troll others. It’s sad to see that many people fail to see this.

  • As add 11 months ago

    This is some funny stuff

  • Nigga please 1 year ago

    Dude i remember a koala used to smoke weed with me and the butler from prince of bel air. Koala wouldnt pass the weed.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    aki sora isnt hentai, its like soft anime porn. HOLY jerk off 3 times during this

    • (•_•) ( •_•) >⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 1 year ago

      Hentai = anime porn

    • Your the definition of a fucking idiot lol

  • best wanker na 1 year ago

    lol fapsubs lolololo

  • I cum 1 year ago

    Admin can you please add Aki sora.

    • dude aki sora not hentai<

    • Mr.N 1 year ago

      Think of it as Hardcore Ecchi and for a ecchi show it’s pretty good actually. I’d recommend it.

  • Just A Guy 1 year ago

    too much blood

    • Not your typical girl 1 year ago

      Well it’s supposed to be like that. My first time was also too bloody.

    • Big pervert 1 year ago

      There”s never to much blood.

    • Kira of hentai 7 months ago

      Well…its hentai
      Too much blood
      Big Dicks
      Big breasts
      Isnt that why we prefer hentai on normal porn?

  • Randomness 1 year ago


    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      To be fair,you wouldn’t be able to type that…and I doubt you have kids.

    • Fly Me To The Moon 7 months ago

      Somebody needs an overdose on chill pills.

  • admin make a tsundere tag plz

  • He has got to stop cumming inside of her, lol.

  • hmmm 1 year ago

    i wonder how the voice actors feel acting the sex scenes out.

    • : ----- 1 year ago

      Maybe they went to a dark room and masturbated to get in the mood!

      Iguess. I imagining it in my head……….all right, i am officially a perveted person.YES I LIKE BEEN LIKE THIS,HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lyght 1 year ago

        Lol, especial the girl actors I do not get how they get such a high pitch voice sometime It kind of gets annoying when they do it often.

  • fuck 1 year ago

    이사이트 좋은데 딸치기 좋은곳이야

  • SecretCommentator 1 year ago

    The Thing I Don’t Like In Some Hentai Is It’s censored

    • lyght 1 year ago

      Really, I kind of got use to it. I bearly pay attention to it and to me it really do not make different. I actually prefer it sometime because it seems like when it uncensored they dont take their time to draw or color the area right and it ends up looking weird which to me is a worse than censorses. With censorses you get to imagine it the way you want it or completely ignore it.

  • Skyes 1 year ago

    I love you, Admin <333

  • Fuzikami 1 year ago

    I wish i had a girlfriend dammit.

    • bitch please 1 year ago

      We all do

    • Hoshi 1 year ago

      Me too…

    • Xbone(x box one) 1 year ago

      I’m gonna gloat and humiliate you all by saying this : I have girlfriend

      • Nicky 1 year ago

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