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  • Gabby Goat 4 days ago

    So…to be continued?

  • Anonymous 5 days ago

    wtf is this gay ass shit hn

    • Howdy 2 days ago

      Ikrm8 thids is felin beukkllshit fck mer8 ? Kysfeg

  • LMFAO 5 days ago

    the japanese are amazing people.

  • DarkFlameMaster 6 days ago

    Yu Narukami is that you?

  • Sadist 6 days ago

    Every Otaku/NEET’s dream right here 10/10 would fap again seriously though need episode 2 now not long enough >.> welp off to watch Rance 01 Hikari series and maybe some Euphoria =)

  • Martin Luther King Jr 1 week ago

    My dream finally came true

  • Blackguy 1 week ago

    Any freaky and naught girls on her willing to talk naughty

    • Rosa Parks 1 week ago

      No but you should look to the nearest red light district in Los Angeles. They got some good girls to have time with.

  • Donald Trump 1 week ago

    I shall build a wall where it shall inhabit all of the hot fantacy waifus exclusively for us americans using a small loan of a million dollars. NO MEXICANS ALLOWED though because they are all rapists!!!

    • Mike Pence 1 week ago

      I wholeheartedly agree Mr President.

    • Osama bin ladin 1 week ago


      • Barock Insane Obomba 4 days ago

        Trump did it! Phew…scapegoat invented my niggas and no I wasn’t born in freaking Kenya!! But Ted Cruz was definitely born in Canada! Ha!!

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Damn this is good

  • fuck 1 week ago

    Boob control is necessary in such animes