• I can’t even fap

  • HeartEyesMuthafucka 3 months ago

    The real magic here is he made all those girls come at the same time. He’s a gotdamn wizard.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Nah nah nah I demand an RPG to progress story. Also, it’d make since to have Yu from P4 here because he gets all the ladies. Like Shantae. She seriously looks like watered down Shantae. Good hentai tho

  • Valerie Kay 8 months ago

    The older white hair girl along with the brunette and blonde babe should get a lot more screen time. They did a bang-up job! I fuckin’ love ‘em. lol <3

  • Niggahhhh 9 months ago

    Would make great anime

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